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    Question Need help getting into old computer

    Hi all! I’ve done extensive research on this issue, and cannot for the life of me figure it out. I’m trying to get into my old computer so I can access old photos and what not. So, here is my issue.. 1. I forgot the password to my windows 8 toshiba computer. The password is not connected to my...
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    Looking for Password Manager recommendations?

    Hi, till now I have been keeping all my passwords in notepad and manually copying it where it is needed to sign in. It's kinda difficult and even more difficult in mobile. So, I was looking at Dashlane and LastPass and sometimes ago I heard that LastPass database was hacked so upon googling, I...
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    Looking to get a strong secure password manager and secure my PC

    Hi, I was thinking to get Lastpass but I saw that Lastpass' database has been hacked many times in the past so that's a big NO for me. What should I get that is very secure and provides good privacy? Also, is Bit Defender Total Security 2018 good nowadays? Looking to get a subscription...
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    Password recovery software for Windows 10

    I have an old Windows 7 laptop that was upgraded to Windows 10 recently. I set a password for it the other day and unfortunately forgot it as I don't use it quite often. This sounds stupid but it is true. So I did some homework online and tested two well-known programs: Ophcrack and NT...
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    Who uses a Password Manger, if so which one?

    I'm curious if people here use a password manager, and if so which one? Reading up on Dashlane, Lastpass (free/premium), mSecure... etc... and curious how widespread the use is (in addition to 2 factor authentification).