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  1. C

    Good PC Build?

    Hi, I've recently decided to embark on a quest to build my first gaming pc. This being said, don't think I don't my way around one; I've done quite a bit of research. As it a starter build I've been wondering whether these are good specs to go with, and if I can get more bang for my buck. Here...
  2. X

    Did anyone purchase any brand of GTX 1060/1070/1080 from Jet.com before?

    I returned my defected MSI 1070 to Amazon today and need to buy another one soon. I found many brand of GTX 1070 on Jet.com is a lot cheaper than amazon and newegg. The only concern I have is their product authenticity and quality because I got used or refurbished stuffs listed as brand new from...
  3. R

    GeForce GTX 750 ti or Radeon RX 460?

    I recently posted something on here about giving this kid my old computer. He lost his in a housefire and I want to gave him my old won, its a little old but he says it works fine. However, i also want to get him a new graphics card because he enjoys playing computer games. The answers I...
  4. DarkKnightDude

    NVIDIA Adds Telemetry to Latest Drivers

    http://www.majorgeeks.com/news/story/nvidia_adds_telemetry_to_latest_drivers_heres_how_to_disable_it.html "It's been brought to our attention that nVIDIA now has telemetry included with its drivers (most likely) if you installed GeForce Experience with the drivers. I'm getting conflicting...
  5. S

    VRMark® - VR Benchmark from Futuremark

    www.pcworld.com/article/3138198/computers/can-your-pc-run-virtual-reality-the-free-new-vrmark-benchmark-can-tell-you.html www.overclock3d.net/reviews/gpu_displays/vrmark_gpu_performance_review/1
  6. S

    Battlefield 1 CPU Performance (DX11 vs DX12)

  7. S

    Geforce GTX 1050 / 1050 Ti Launch Thread ($109 / $139 - October 25th)

    October 25th Update: Reviews - 1050 TechPowerUp Guru3D ComputerBase PurePC PCWorld - 1050 Ti Overclocker's Club Hot Hardware TechPowerUp Hardware Asylum Hardware Canucks LanOC Techspot cowcotland Hexus Guru3D ComputerBase Tom's Hardware PCLab PurePC ComptoirduHardware Eurogamer TweakTown...
  8. A

    New laptop with GeForce 1060 - Adobe CC apps crashing

    Hi. Hi. I just recently received my new Sager NP8152-S laptop. It was custom built with an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 display card. The laptop arrived with Windows 10 Home installed, with drivers installed, no bloatware. I have an Adobe Creative Cloud subscription and yesterday I installed Adobe...
  9. S

    Next Generation Tegra (Xavier SoC): Custom ARM64 + Volta

    7 Billion Transistors - TSCM 16 FF 8 Core Custom ARM64 CPU 512 Core Volta GPU New Computer Vision Accelerator Dual 8K HDR Video Processors 20 TOPS DL, 160 SPECINT in 20W Sampling Q4 2017 www.anandtech.com/show/10713/gtc-europe-2016-nvidia-keynote-live-blog-with-ceo-jenhsun-huang#comments
  10. ZGR

    Unusually low idle clock speeds

    Right now I'm on a road trip. I am currently running old drivers (358.91) and am noticing my 650m is idling at far lower clockspeeds than before. I am seeing the GPU idle at 68 Mhz!. The lowest I've seen it go before was 135 Mhz. I can't believe the 650M is actually able to run at 68 MHz...
  11. S

    Obduction & Divinity Original Sin 2 GPU Tests (GameGPU)

    Obduction 4K Screenshots http://gamegpu.com/rpg/%D1%80%D0%BE%D0%BB%D0%BB%D0%B5%D0%B2%D1%8B%D0%B5/obduction-test-gpu http://gamegpu.com/rpg/%D1%80%D0%BE%D0%BB%D0%BB%D0%B5%D0%B2%D1%8B%D0%B5/divinity-original-sin-2-test-gpu
  12. N

    Monitor display goes black and pops up as "No signal" randomly after 2-3 hours

    Hello everyone, I have this weird problem now , i have two graphic cards gtx 560ti and gtx 1060 , when im using the on board intel graphics the display doesn't go black and stays for longer hours until i turn it off , but whenever i either use my gtx 560ti or the gtx 1060 , either it might be...
  13. S

    NVIDIA Tegra 'Parker'

    NVIDIA Tegra Parker Unveiled - 2x Denver2 cores + 4x Cortex-A57 - Significant perf/watt improvements - Highest performance ARM CPU - 256 Pascal-based CUDA cores - 50 GB/s bandwidth (twice Tegra X1's 25 GB/s) - TSCM 16FF...
  14. AtenRa

    Deus Ex MD - CPU Thread Scaling and performance

    General Deus Ex : Mankind Divided thread for CPU thread scaling and performance. First official review from GameGPU.ru, i will update the OP with every new review available. Just a reminder, Deus Ex official DX-12 will be available via a patch on the 5th of September. So the numbers bellow may...
  15. Linux23

    Build me a VR gaming PC

    PLEASE when you POST threads asking for input on system builds tell us... 1. What YOUR PC will be used for. That means what types of tasks you'll be performing. Used for VR to power an HTC Vive 2. What YOUR budget is. A price range is acceptable as long as it's not more than a 20% spread...
  16. S

    Geforce GTX 1050 / 1050 Ti Thread

    - New GP107 GPU Successor to GM107 (GTX 750/750 Ti) - 128-bit GDDR5 / 2GB or 4GB - Replaces the GTX 950, price on the same level - Agressive pricing - Shipments late September, launch mid-October More here: www.sweclockers.com/nyhet/22509-nvidia-lanserar-geforce-gtx-1050-i-oktober September...
  17. S

    NVIDIA's GeForce GTX 10-Series (Mobile Pascal)

    NotebookCheck: Nvidia Pascal for Notebooks - In-depth Benchmarks for the Geforce GTX 1080 (SLI), GTX 1070, and GTX 1060 www.notebookcheck.net/Nvidia-Pascal-for-Notebooks-In-depth-Benchmarks-for-the-Geforce-GTX-1080-SLI-GTX-1070-and-GTX-1060.171566.0.html - Idle (system power) - Load @...
  18. S

    No Man's Sky GPU Test (GameGPU)

    Windows 10 Pro Nvidia GeForce / ION Driver Release 368.81 AMD Radeon Crimson Edition 16.8.2 http://gamegpu.com/rpg/роллевые/no-man-s-sky-test-gpu

    Nvidia Volta Discussion

    I call dibs nvidia will unveil its own Async Compute implementation called AsyncWorks with Volta and buried AMD/RTG with the new and improved GameFinallyWorks program. /s Joking aside, how are your thought on nvidia's upcoming Volta Architecture? It will have a substantial performance boost...
  20. P

    Laptop buying help

    I am a Mechanical engineering student. I want to buy a laptop that will be capable of handling basic CFD simulations, FEA and CAD along with all other casual work. My budget is upto Rs.60000 in India. Can anybody please suggest me some good options to choose from? If possible please also give...