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  1. S

    Question NVIDIA Geforce GTX 1650 can no longer be controlled

    Hello everyone I have already posted my request in various German discussion forums. But no one there was able to help me. Maybe you can do it :). The following problem: I can no longer control my screens in high quality with my dedicated graphics card (GeForce GTX 1660) in my laptop (Yoga...
  2. joaogavioli

    Solved! RTX 3070 running very below average performance

    I ran some benchmarks (UserBenchmark and PassMark) and they both tell me that my pc is running below its capacity, compared to other similar PCs. More specifically, the problem seems to be with the graphics card. I have a Ryzen 5 5500 with a RTX 3070 (I know there is bottleneck in this...
  3. E

    Question 4060 Ti eGPU

    Hello, I want to ask I currently have a Dell G15 5520 with I7-12700H, 3060 130W, 16GB DDR5 RAM, 512GB PCIe Gen 4 SSD, and 1080P 120Hz Screen. Now I play all games extremely well, even new and demanding ones like Cyberpunk 2077 is around 60~70 FPS with ultra high settings, DLSS set to quality...
  4. andyt443

    Question I want to build a gpu system so I can run dreamfusion by Google

    Where should I start if I want to build a gpu server to run dreamfusion text to 3d generation?
  5. J

    Question Nvidia Automatic Tuning HELP NEEDED

    I turned on automatic tuning on my rtx 2060 and all my games are running worse now how do i turn it off the reset button doesnt do anything its a major problem i dont know what to do with my pc
  6. L

    Question vbios CrossFlashing GTX 1650 Super works fine until installing Nvidia drivers/or green static,Stock Rom all Fine

    Hi, to elaborate on the title, I flashed my Zotac GTX 1650 Super with a Asus GTX 1650 Super Bios which has a higher power limit of 120W as opposed to 100W power limit of Zotac So i could achieve a better Overclock and squeeze a bit more performance Techpowerup - Zotac Bios of my card with the...
  7. candasulas

    Question Zotac RTX 2060 AMP! Mini Heatsink Problem

    Hello everyone. I am using Zotac RTX2060 Mini. I have a problem with the heatsink. I removed the thermal paste and pads of the gpu to renew it. However, the surface that corresponds to the VRM part and that I marked in the photos is out of place. They normally glued the part where we place the...
  8. Vattila

    OT: SYCL will replace CUDA

    Argonne, ORNL and Codeplay just announced that Codeplay has been awarded a contract for implementing SYCL support for AMD GPUs — as an open heterogeneous programming model for the upcoming exascale supercomputers...
  9. Vattila

    OT: SYCL will replace CUDA

    Argonne, ORNL and Codeplay just announced that Codeplay has been awarded a contract for implementing SYCL support for AMD GPUs — as an open heterogeneous programming model for the upcoming exascale supercomputers...
  10. kakshere

    Question What are the ways to fix 0x0003 ?

    Hi, I am experiencing error code0x0003 while trying to open Nvidia GeForce Experience. Help me out, If anyone of you knows fixes.
  11. S

    Nvidia geforce create an error

    I 'm in trouble due to the Nvidia geforce experience error code 0*001. I would glad if someone provide me solution of this error code.
  12. T

    Question GPU caught fire, what happened? (pictures)

    Hello, as you can see from the pictures below, the GPU failed catastrophically and I was wondering what might have caused it. The build is obviously a few years old (Nvidia GTX760), but not ancient. It has worked without any issues so far and this happened completely out of the blue. The...
  13. IseNoseee

    Question Asus Dual RTX 2060 Super EVO OC 8gb V2 or Gigabyte RTX 2070 Super Windforce OC 3X no rgb

    So I found both of these gpu’s at good prices (here in spain) second hand. 320€ for the 2020S and 350€ for the 2070S, which one should i go for?? Asus rtx 2020s has a little rgb strip and gigabyte rtx 2070s is the non rgb one.
  14. SoulRedeemer

    Question Alternative to NVIDIA GeForce Titan X

    Hello, PC Enthusiasts; I purchased Alienware Aurora R6 with the default video card, GTX 1080 a few years ago with a plan to catch up with more powerful dual cards when they come down in price in time. I'm ready to upgrade now only to realize that NVIDIA GeForce Titan X sells for about the same...
  15. N

    Question Best GPU OEM when it comes to India?

    Hey, guys! I have been using a Zotac GTX 970 since the past 4 years and I'm looking to upgrade, what with the next gen Nvidia RTXs around the corner. I would like to know what are some of the best GPU OEMs in India according to you guys. I don't have a problem with Zotac per se, the 970 has...
  16. EXCellR8

    Question [VideoCardz] NVIDIA RTX 3080 in Renders (nothing confirmed)

    nvm, repost. blah
  17. aimforsilence

    Question Silent installation of nvidia studio drivers to 13 workstations

    Hey everyone, Hopefully I posted this in the right spot, and if not I apologize. So here's the scenario, I currently monitor around 13 new workstations for our game studio. They have EVGA GeForce 1660 SUPER video cards in them running the latest studio drivers. I'm currently trying to figure...
  18. L

    Question Nvidia geforce vs quadro gpus

    I am wondering what are the pros of getting a quadro gpu? As far as I can tell, for a large percent of use cases, someone can get more gpu performance/amount spent on the gpu from a comparable geforce gpu. I am trying to convince myself one way or another on whether to get a laptop with a...
  19. T4C Fantasy

    Info Graphics IP

    Hello everyone!, I'm the techpowerup gpu database editor and I wanted to share with you graphics card enthusiasts all of the projects I have been working on to share information that is not so easy to find and also some that are all in one place. Graphics IPs AMD Nvidia Intel Other Projects...
  20. Ketchup

    Are GTX 10-Series Cards Getting Faster?

    Haven't followed these things like I used to, but I was curious as I finally upgraded my 660 to a 1060 and noticed a curious review here on AT. In the original review back in 20116, the 1060 FE showed 66.9 FPS in GTA at 1080. Looking at the same card in the 1660 review the same card pushed 76...
  21. A

    Question RTX 2060 low usage

    PC Specs: i7 4790k @stock 16GB RAM MSI Ventus RTX 2060 OC So I have been pleased with this card (RTX 2060) as it is a big upgrade in performance vs my old R9 380 despite not reaching 100% usage. My concern however is that when gaming, my GPU never seems to hit 99/100% usage. Often it is around...
  22. G

    Will Windows Mixed Reality work with Nvidia 1050ti for entry level games

    Hello, I have Acer Predator Helios 300 with 1050ti i5 8th gen config. I want to purchase a VR controller for some entry-level games (like Beat Saber...) Will the VR work with my specs? Thanks in advance!
  23. O

    System Freezing After GT 1030 Added

    I replaced an older AMD HD6450 PCI-E card with a new MSI GT 1030 card. Now I'm seeing freezing sometimes when I play videos in a browser. The freezing makes the whole system pause for a second or two, even the mouse. This includes sites like Youtube and Netflix. I tried clearing out all of...
  24. D

    Speculating: nVIDIA CPU and x86 emulated Windows

    Taking the example of Vatilla series of speculations, I started to tought, nVIDIA will return this time for the emulated Windows 10, in order to compete against Qualcomm? This article indicated that nVIDIA initially declined...
  25. Tweak155

    Did Office Depot just one-up NVidia on me?

    Some of you may have read my thread here where NVidia basically charged my card weeks before the product actually shipped. Well, what I never said at that time is that I also placed an order at Office Depot that was expected to ship ~4weeks later... by mid / end of Feb. After the NVidia card...
  26. A

    Running 10 x 4K displays

    Hi, I am trying to run ten 4K 55 inch TV's, and trying to figure out the most cost effective way to do it. The 10 screens will all show different images that will fade in and out (no video), like a slide show. I am not looking to span all 10 displays into one big display. What would be the...
  27. W

    Do I need a dedicated GPU?

    I'm researching new desktops and maybe the hardest component is the GPU. I've read articles suggesting just about every desktop user would benefit from a graphics upgrade. Other people have told me a dedicated graphics card would be a waste of money since I don't play PC games. I do occasional...
  28. TurtleCrusher

    Radeon R9 270 2GB vs GTX 1050 4GB (notebook)

    About to move and thinking about going all laptop to save space. Is the GTX 1050 4GB as fast or faster than my 270 (270 with OC right below 270x) I'll be pairing this likely with an i5-7300HQ (4c4t 2.5-3.5). On a budget but also want it to last a while, hence not going with MX 150 laptops...
  29. sao123

    Nvidia set to launch Pascal GP102 based "mining only" card

    https://wccftech.com/nvidia-gp102-p102-100-crypto-mining-graphics-cards-leak/ http://cryptomining-blog.com/9529-nvidia-p102-100-crypto-mining-cards-are-coming-to-the-market/ So it looks like this will be a "1080ti - lite", no video out card, based on the GP102-100 chip. Apparently this is not...
  30. M

    Peak driver for the GeForce GTX 670

    What is the best driver for the GTX 670? I was wondering this since I've heard reports that NVIDIA hasn't really paid much attention to the Kepler graphics cards and as such they haven't gotten very good drivers recently. If this is the case, then that would mean that there is a specific peak...
  31. X

    GTX 960 - dud or just terrible

    Hi, I've recently purchased a GTX 960 and frankly, it sucks. I've been playing games that should be easily running like overwatch or g-mod and its crashing every time without fail. I'm just wondering if its got something broken, maybe with antialiasing as I've had a few problems with that and...
  32. Tweak155

    At least slightly shady NVidia experience

    What happened: * 1/18/18 - Placed order for GTX1060 6gb FE... estimate is 3wks until shipping * 1/19 or 1/20 (I can't remember if it was the day after) I noticed the transaction "settled" / charged with a date of 1/18. I thought this was bull since the card did not ship, but I let it slide *...
  33. H

    For older generation cards are older drivers superior to new ones?

    I was playing Prey (2006) on my GTX 580 and there were these predictable framespikes and freezes. Predictable as in if you exit the game and load it again these stutters will happen at the exact same place every time. So I assumed that this was a problem with the game itself. But I installed a...
  34. S

    Device Manager Doesn't List My Graphics Card

    I have a GTX 770, it isn't listed in device manager, only my integrated card. I physically checked and it is secure. Also I plug my monitor from my main board into my graphics card (both dvi) and screen goes black/blank. Monitor works fine when connected to mainboard slot. Not sure if these are...
  35. H

    Why are frametimes smoother on Nvidia than on AMD?

    I was browsing google for frametime graphs to see whether I should buy the gtx 1080 or the 980 ti cause people kept saying the 1080 has massive frametime spikes that have never been fixed. I was never an expert on which gpu company has better frametime stability but I came across a consistent...
  36. Z

    Application has been blocked from graphics hardware

    I made a new pc, and I get this problem: "Application [insert application name here] has been blocked from accessing graphics hardware". In the context of a game, when I get this error I crash to desktop. In context of chrome, I get a flash of black screen for a second. I have tried...
  37. V

    Help with underperforming GTX 1080

    Hello all. I'm new to the forum and was hoping to get some help. I just recently upgraded from an Nvidia GTX 1050Ti to a GTX 1080 (Zotac) to improve my game performance and frankly, it doesn't seem to be working anywhere near as well as it should. I have been getting benchmark scores between...
  38. S

    Nvidia GeForce 7 series Windows 98 drivers

    Kind of a weird question, but I'm building a Windows 98 machine with new parts and I need a graphics card. The newest series with official Win 9x drivers is GeForce 6, but in the forums I've been looking at I keep seeing unofficial GeForce 7 drivers mentioned. Unfortunately, I've yet to find a...
  39. D

    Build PC this Black friday!

    Hi i am a guy from India and if you know about cost of building a decent PC here then you might feel sorry for me. But here's a thing my friend is in USA right now and will be coming back home this Jan. After some research i got to know that you can import some components to country if packaging...
  40. B

    AMD results look pretty good, but not-so-good guidance.

    AMD earned an adjusted $0.10 a share on revenue of $1.64 bln for Q3, but sees a big drop in revenue for the fourth quarter. https://alphastreet.com/bite/d641299