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  1. balloonshark

    $19 ($12 + $7 S&H) sets of keycaps at

    These are normally $45 a set. No idea if this is a good deal or not. I'm hoping these are better than the ones on my G.skill keyboard. Drop Skylight Series Keycap Set $12 Drop Skylight Series Keycap Set R2 $12...
  2. P

    Dell Latitude E6420 Keyboard Wont Work

    Some of the keys on the original keyboard for my Dell Latitude E6420 stopped working. I bought a replacement on ebay in the last week of May. I didn't install it for a while, maybe one or two months. The replacement worked fine at first but in the beginning of September, the space bar stopped...
  3. R

    Question Help me find a replacement keyboard (hate most of the new things i see, been using it for far over 10 years)

    I've been using (and used to) the same keyboard for a very very long time as you can see by the yellowing (even if i completely disassembled it / cleaned it twice a year). (Note: if anyone can figure out which keyboard i'm using from logitech and knows the model name or knows if they continued...
  4. J

    Question Why does my computer have high magnetic fields in certain houses?

    I sometimes use a gaussmeter to measure the magnetic fields around my computer, keyboard, mouse, and headphones. The strange thing is that in some houses I've lived, there's virtually no magnetic field at all, while in other houses, there's an extremely high magnetic field around all my...
  5. J

    Motherboard seems to not support wake on USB keyboard/mouse

    I have Asus Prime Z370-A and it seems that it may not support waking up a computer on sleep by USB mouse/keyboard (and there is no PS/2 port so that's not an option either). This USB wake feature seems to be not really documented, which is terrible. This is one of the most important features to...
  6. T

    Rapid fire buttons anybody?

    I am in Fnaf World (Yes I know it is an old game so what?) and I am stuck in a minigame. Pretty much, I need a software that can spam the X key on my keyboard. The only problem is, all I can see is programs for mouse! If anybody can reply soon, I will be extremely grateful.
  7. brainhulk

    If you were a school police officer, would you confront an active shooter with a AR-15?

    Or would you take cover and wait for SWAT? Make your decision in 10 seconds.
  8. M

    Any Bluetooth keyboards with large (tall) keys left?

    I am looking to buy Bluetooth keyboard that has standard old school large keys (as mechanical keyboard) not the flat version, are there any left or ever been out there i cannot find a single one please help. And yeah it got to be Bluetooth thanks. Example of the type of keys i am talking about.
  9. MajinCry

    Comfortable Keyboard & Mouse

    For the past...Ooh, 9 years? I've been using my father's old Nisis K7 keyboard. It's got a great wee rest, and it has two feet at the back to give it an upward slant. But it's ancient, can only have 4 keys pressed at once, the volume buttons keep getting wedged inside the casing, and the plastic...
  10. S

    [H] Mechanical Keyboard issues

    I've got 2 separate kb with different issues. First one, which I am actually using right now with seemingly no problems is a razer blackwidow rz03-0039 . (The oldschool one I think.) With cherry mx blues The main issue it has is that the cord is weakened and shorting. Like kinda how a...
  11. M

    CoolerMaster MasterKeys Pro L

    Hi! I just get this new awesome keyboard but it was bought in germany so it has german buttons and i want to ask if or where can i buy english buttons for this keyboard? I tried google it but i found nothing.
  12. cesarrom

    Which peripheral keyboard is better?

    I'm traveling around my country for work reasons and I brought my tablet with me, so I can keep making documents and things like that. I just noticed that it is unconfortable for me to use the touch keyboard (just in time, I know :c ), so I was looking for an android keyboard here where I am, I...
  13. A

    Best Mechanical Keyboard for £100/$124 (or less)

    Hello everyone! I am in the market for a mechanical keyboard. I am going to use it for both work and gaming. I have a strict budget of £100($124/€112, so it can be anything under but not a penny over). I know this might sound obvious but this also means that the keyboard has to be available to...
  14. D

    Mpow Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

    Mpow Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Link: Code:UOUMKLXT Listing Price:36.99 Deal Price:30.99 End date :09/15/2016
  15. SeanGorry

    Media Keyboard

    Anybody got any recommendations on a good keyboard with media buttons (mute,volume,play,forward,etc) ? I have a Microsoft Media 3000 atm, but its a bit long in the tooth :D.One feature that would be nice is a calculator button on the numpad, its the reason I still use the 3000.