Which peripheral keyboard is better?


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Nov 17, 2016
I'm traveling around my country for work reasons and I brought my tablet with me, so I can keep making documents and things like that.
I just noticed that it is unconfortable for me to use the touch keyboard (just in time, I know :c ), so I was looking for an android keyboard here where I am, I found these models, one of them is extremely curious, have you guys use one of these before? Do you recommend it?

normal android keyboard I found was like this one:

curious andorid keyboard I found was exactly this one:


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Jun 12, 2008
I've tried the logitech you link. I personally didn't like the feel of the keys (very clacky and loud actually, very plasticy) but the nice feature was that it has a slot that holds your device steady.

Also the wheel to choose from 3 different devices without re-pairing. Its surprisingly heavy also, which is good and bad. Good for heft to support a device like a tablet in the slot... bad for carting it around if every oz counts while traveling.

The projected keyboard thing: I've never used one so can't say much. My gut feeling is it probably has best results in a controlled setting, meaning not so great in random spots while traveling. Just a guess though.

Keep in mind you don't nessisarily need an "Android" keyboard. Any decent blutooth keyboard should do.
Feb 4, 2006
I love my K480, but it's not very mobile. It's heavy and loud. I actually like that, but I bought it to keep near the TV so I can connect it to my set top box, phone and tablet while I couch potato.

If you want to be mobile I'd look at something else.
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