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Dell Latitude E6420 Keyboard Wont Work


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Jan 27, 2004
Some of the keys on the original keyboard for my Dell Latitude E6420 stopped working. I bought a replacement on ebay in the last week of May. I didn't install it for a while, maybe one or two months. The replacement worked fine at first but in the beginning of September, the space bar stopped working if not before then. I contacted the seller and he asked for the letters at the end of the title of his item page. I thought he was going to replace the defective one he sent me. I never heard from him again. Almost all the keys on his keyboard don't work now.

I bought another from another seller recently. It didn't work and didn't come with the cable I was told was included.
This new seller sent me another keyboard and a cable. The cable is the wrong one. It's too long. The keyboard doesn't work. The back light works on his keyboard with my cable. None of the keys work. I forget if it was my keyboard or his keyboard but the L & K keys worked once.

Dell made many keyboards with various model numbers that work on many of their latitudes including my E6420. The last two I've recieved have different model numbers. I forget if the first one I received from the first seller had the same model number as my original keyboard or not. I researched the third keyboard online and found that it should work with my laptop.

Is it possible something is wrong with my laptop preventing it from working with any keyboard? It has never been dropped. I don't bang on the keys. That shouldn't effect it anyway. It's the old style keyboard. Not a chiclet keyboard. You can type with a light touch.

I use this laptop like 17 hours a day. Depending what I'm doing, it can get very, very hot.