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i cant understand you with balls in your mouth

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  1. S

    Trump up to 50% approval with Hispanic voters.

    This is so refreshing. Minorities are starting to rebel against leftist racist policies and embrace equality for society, not hysterics, privilege and manufactured boogeymen. Not everyone wants to be put into a container and told by the left that they cannot make it because they are victims...
  2. S

    34% of those that attended Trump's rally in Michigan were Democrats

    Looks like more people are seeing the light. Trump is GOOD for America, despite the left's nonstop smear campaign. I myself was against him at first, but clearly he is putting America first and the country is doing great with him in office. Could even more traditionally Democrat states flip...
  3. Fanatical Meat

    Herman Cain will not be on the Fed

    Thank you my Republican friends. As of writing this 4 Republican Senators said “No fucking way”, this ending Mr. 9-9-9’s chance of sitting on the Fed. I’m disappointed I won’t hear him answer the question what’s the difference between micro economics and macro economics...