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  1. K

    Question Need to set up a solid backup system

    Hi guys. I stumbled across this website via a Google search in desperate search to understand and formulate a backup system for my work drives. If anyone could help me in layman terms, that would be much appreciated. I am not much of a computer geek, however I do understand the necessity to...
  2. SimplyComplex

    Weirder than a salmon eating Frosted Flakes at a red light

    So my computer has lost its mind. Or perhaps my computer problems have made me lose my mind. Not sure which just yet. I've been working on computers for 16 years now, and I've never seen anything like this. So I'm turning to you for help figuring out what's up. My motherboard is not wanting to...
  3. O

    Trouble installing OS fresh, Mac Pro

    A couple weeks ago my mid-2010 Mac Pro started getting extremely slow at times. Restarting would temporarily fix it, until one day it wouldn't get past the apple logo progress bar screen. So I took it in and Apple ran a diagnostic and told me that it's unlikely to be the HDD but "something else"...
  4. M

    Partition Boot Record bootstrap code

    I've read in many sources that Partition Boot Record/Record is written upon formatting a disk partition and contains machine code for bootstrapping specific OS. My question is how a formatting tool like DOS format command can write specific OS bootstrap while it only formats not installs...
  5. EXCellR8

    2 Samsung Drives, Virus Damage?

    Two of our engineers at the office are both experiencing nearly identical problems, on identical drives... so I have a theory. They work with a lot of the same clients so, is it possible, that a virus may have come through attached to an email and fried both drives by way of hijacking and...