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  1. V

    Question is there anything I can do?

    I have a GTX 780 in my gaming rig that I build to the end of 2017 (a long time ago, I know). I was about to log off Overwatch when my screen on one of my monitors went grey and the other went black. after numerous attempts, I was able to get the pc back on except for only one monitor and the...
  2. T

    MSI x99a GODLIKE: PCI-E Lanes help

    Hi! I need help with my PCI-E Configuration. _______________________________________________________ My config: i7-6900K CPU MSI X99A GODLIKE GAMING 64GB (DDR4-3200 / PC4-25600) G.Skill Ripjaw V NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 Ti FE 11GB - PCIE #4 Blackmagic Decklink 4K Mini Monitor - PCIE #3 NVIDIA...
  3. J

    Gigabyte GTX 1060 3GB - Dual Screen gaming??

    I recently bought the Gig. GTX 1060 3Gb gpu from newegg, my cousin referred it to me and said it would everything I play more than good, so i went with it (hes pretty fimiliar with pc stuff). So now that I am slowly becoming a pc gamer (was console) I was wanting to dual screen - main monitor...
  4. D

    Need Gaming Laptop for School!

    I need to buy a gaming laptop for college because they are good for viewing and editing videos too, and I have to buy it before school starts in two weeks. I've been looking around and have discovered a few specs that I think are important, but I don't have enough knowledge about specs to feel...
  5. L

    Wholesale GTX 1080

    Anyone have any advice where I can get these for wholesale price from a reliable source? I am looking to buy about 50 of them. GTX 1080-9Gb GTX 1060-6Gb NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 Ti. 11Gb GTX 1070-8Gb Thanks!
  6. N

    EVGA P2 650w vs 750w?

    Good morning PSU masters I plan on buying either an evga supernova p2 650 or 750. For gaming with a gtx 1080ti, 650w is enough so either will be fine. However I have a couple of doubts because both of them are priced exactly the same ($120), and some review sites say that either model 650, 750...
  7. Guilherme

    HELP ME Point Of View GTX 960

    Hello, i have a Point Of View GTX 960, i'm using it since July, 2015. I always look the temperature while i'm playing, by a month the gpu isn't working well. I use the MSI Afterburner to check the temperature and to set the fan control, the temperature it's going high for nothing. For example, I...
  8. L

    [Help] Mysterious screen tearing behavior

    Hi all! I have a Dell Inspiron 7559 notebook with a Geforce GTX 960M GPU, and when I play Half-Life or Doom 3 BFG there is serious screen tearing. However, it disappears when the computer goes into battery saving mode. I'm sure that the games still use the nVidia GPU. Does anyone have any...
  9. B

    Are the gtx 1060 and 1070 compatible?

    I currently have the GTX MSI 1060 6GB as my graphics card. I'm looking to upgrade my pc by getting a GTX MSI 1070 8GB in the future. But when I buy the 1070, my 1060 goes to waste. So I might aswell use the 1060 combined with the 1070 to make my pc even stronger. Am I able to do this if I get a...
  10. E

    SLI running at different fan speeds

    Currently using zotac gtx 1080 amp edition in sli. Wondering why they are running at such different fan speeds. Even when the 2nd gpu hits the temp of the first, it runs much slower. When the 2nd one hit 70+ degrees, i set it at 80% fan speed but it only got to 50+% which was about 1200+ rpm. I...