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  1. mmooppiiee

    Question why won't my rgb on my case and fans light up?

    hello everyone, i have an evetech ares gaming case with 4 rgb fans and 2 rgb light strips. i don't know exactly when it happened, but i think i was playing minecraft when all my rgb froze in one colour. i turned off my pc and back on and there was no rgb. my fans were spinning but there was no...
  2. noeljm92

    Question Complete overhaul or selective upgrade?

    Hey there, good people! My current PC specs are: CPU: Intel i7 6700k @ 4.00 GHz (no overclock) Graphics: Zotac GTX 970 (no overclock) RAM: 16 GB Corsair Vengeance DDR4 ( 2 x 8GB, dual channel, XMP 2400 MHz) Motherboard: Asus E3 Pro Gaming V5 PSU: Corsair CS 750M Cooler: Corsair H100i GTX...
  3. J

    Solved! Computer , shuts down, when gaming red cpu debug lights turns on fans and rgb lights are still on also only light that go out is the cpu cooler light

    when I first got he pc up and running every time I had to restart the pc for updates and things it would do the same thing in the video just buy me restarting it for updates I had to hit the reset button just to get it to boot again I fix that by unplugging the power cord from the back for a few...
  4. U

    help me bulid a budget computer

    hi i'm looking to bulid a computer that can have like 60+ FPS or something for fifa 19 and 200- ish FPS for CS:GO my budget is 300 euros my budget is 300 euros (341.09100 USD) and i live in bulgaria thanks in advance also im very new to the pc bulding stuff so i would be very glad if you guys...
  5. S

    Question Need help

    Hi everyone i just want some advice. I want to buy a pc good for gaming. To be specific my son plays PUBG online on ipad he wants to have a pc for him to play that game. My question is can you give me some ideas on what cpu to buy that is good for gamin PUBG with a cheap price because i have no...
  6. O

    Question GPU upgrade suggestions

    I'm mulling over doing a few upgrades to my gaming rig, which as fallen pretty far behind in terms of hardware. I've got a new CPU on order, and now that I've confirmed it will work (I think!) I'm thinking of updating the GPU (and the PSU, if needed for a GPU upgrade). My specs are...
  7. jsimenhoff

    Intel Optane AMA - Starts Wednesday at 11am

    Intel Optane AMA with the Intel Optane Team AnandTech is proud to announce the upcoming guest in our featured Community Series -- ASK ME ANYTHING. On Wednesday, September 26th through Thursday, September 27th the Intel Optane Team will join us in a live AMA on the AnandTech Memory and Storage...
  8. E

    Help with a gaming computer - which of those options would be better?

    Hello, I'm trying to find a replacement for my gaming computer. I'm in Brazil, and since we have a lot of unreliable sellers here, it's usually safer to buy a pre-built system from one of the big brands. I have a few options: A. Laptop: 8ª Intel® Core™ i9-8950HK Windows 10 RAM: 32GB, DDR4...
  9. S

    Help with choosing prebuilt PC

    Hi! I would appreciate getting some advice on choosing already built PC that I could buy in my country. Everything looks overpriced but I only recently got into gaming and don't know much about these things :) I plan to play WoW and Witcher 3, maybe something else like Planet Coaster or GTA5...
  10. H

    Disable Bios Startup Errors??

    Hi guys. I received a Dell Optiplex 390 about a year ago, and have added more RAM, a GPU, and a better HDD to make it a gaming PC and its been working out great until recently. This is not a HUGE problem, but I would like to fix it if it's possible. I recently purchased a new Corsair case for...
  11. Officerdewi

    Best PRE-Built computer that can run GTA V for under $550

    I'm looking for a PC to play GTA V in my spare time, although I want to build a PC later on I just want a Pre built one for right now. I want one that would be able to run GTA V, at least on medium settings. Please no posts on how I should build A PC.
  12. L

    Lineage 2 new PC version is around the corner !!------Special Halloween news here~

    Lineage 2 new PC version is around the corner !!------Special Halloween news here~Exciting ,right? It is new to newbies indeed,but YOU must know it once you’ve played and combated heroically in real game! There you will find the same characters as the very beginning Lineage and even the second...
  13. T

    Gaming PC

    Hey everyone! I've been looking into buying a computer that would perform well when gaming (All i really need is 1080p 60fps on GTA V, preferably on high settings or so). I'm coming from a ps3 and i don't have a lot of knowledge about pc's. I don't want to spend a lot of money yet i want to have...
  14. O

    Please suggest a solution

    Hello members i am going to build a new system and the configuration is as follows : Cpu Amd a8 7600 Motherboard GA-F2A88XM-D3HP Corsair 8gb ddr3 1600mhz Wd 1tb harddisk Now there are two components Tagan stonerock 600 watt psu And powercolor hd 4870 1gb Graphic card. thease are from my last...
  15. P

    VivoPC X Tilt

    Hi everyone I recently bought an Asus VivoPC X. It's a good little gaming pc, but the pc design means it is not supported at the front, with a gap between it and the table, just with rubber feet at the the back. This means sometimes when I press the power button, even the slightest bit of...
  16. L

    50-80 fps on LOW with a gtx 970 and i5 4460? 144hz monitor (Overwatch)

    I've had this problem ever since I started playing Overwatch. I run everything on the lowest possible settings or disabled. I've seen videos everywhere of people with my setup or an even lower end one get far more fps, even when they are running the game on Ultra! I've just dealt with it for...
  17. K

    new gaming pc

    hey guys, i am new in pc building. i've been researching a little time and i just can't seem to figure out how i'm gonna build my gaming pc. i have against all odds found some components and build it hypotheticaly with pcpartpicker.com. so my question is, would you please review my build and...
  18. C

    Good PC Build?

    Hi, I've recently decided to embark on a quest to build my first gaming pc. This being said, don't think I don't my way around one; I've done quite a bit of research. As it a starter build I've been wondering whether these are good specs to go with, and if I can get more bang for my buck. Here...