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  1. A

    Are yahoo.com disposable email addresses broken?

    I'm having trouble receiving email on any of my yahoo.com disposable email addresses. I get the following error regardless of where I send an email from ... 554 delivery error: dd This user doesn't have a yahoo.com account (xxxxxxxxx@yahoo.com [-9] - mta4001.mail.ne1.yahoo.com where xxx ...
  2. ibex333

    Question Email Synchronization

    Is there any way, to make it so that whenever I delete mail in my online account, it is automatically deleted form ALL devices that access this mail account as well? For example, if I log into my Gmail from my internet browser, I want that mail to be deleted off my phone, outlook client...
  3. I

    What email client to get?

    Hi, I've got multiple business email accounts as well as a couple of personal accounts. And it's just boring and wasting of huge time to check individual email accounts throughout the day. I need to check emails almost 10-20 times in every 30 minutes throughout the entire day and going to...
  4. A

    Wi fi issues with secure ports

    Hi guys, Posting this under networking because I think that's likely the underlying issue but I have a very odd error that I can't resolve. Starting yesterday I am getting 0X800CCC1A errors on outgoing email - your server does not support the connection encryption type you have specified...
  5. John Connor

    Please read our Terms of Service to keep your account active

    PSA Just got this E-mail. It states: With a link that says, "Terms Of Service Update Link." Almost clicked the fucker until my gut kicked in as to the assery that is Comcast asking me to accept new terms like this and the from E-mail came from the domain procuraduria-admon.gob.pa So I...
  6. 0roo0roo

    Wikileaks / Assange destroys Hillary's excuse of not understanding classified markings (c)

    She lied to the FBI "I didn't know", uses it herself thousands of times...o_O video https://twitter.com/foxandfriends/status/773464455547985920 article http://www.usnews.com/news/articles/2016-09-07/julian-assange-says-clinton-is-lying-about-not-knowing-classified-symbol Makes you wonder, how...
  7. 0roo0roo

    Hillary Clinton’s Email Compromised When She Clicked A Porn Link, fbi "lost" laptop in the mail

    Too many for a thread each so I'll throw them together. Well, whether she clicked is unknown, but she most certainly was hacked http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3771474/Clinton-email-server-hit-dark-web-tools-Hillary-worried-hacked-getting-send-link-porn.html It just boggles the mind...