Question Outlook 2013, index/search only coming so far

Oct 29, 2015
I'm still search for info on my own for this but I'm come across a client that when trying to search through their email can only get email results prior to a certain date. So if they search for an email they received today, but the search will only bring up results for Oct 23 and later, nothing recent.

While looking into their issue they mentioned this particular workstation has always had about a week delay in being able to search for things. e.g. If they got an email today, they wouldn't get it in their search results until next week.

So far I've done an index rebuild and done an online repair install of Office 2013 but still reach the same date.

From what I've read so far it appears that this searching/indexing process is either apart of the OS or apart of Office. Can anyone shine some light on that?