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  1. mindless1

    Question Strange Degrading Network Adapter

    Have a motherboard with integrated Realtek Gb, RTL8111GR. First observed symptom was only getting 100Mb through it, figured cable damage and checked the port status lights and one was red. Unplugged cable, plugged back in, went to orange again. Switch at the other end shows GbE connection...
  2. velrinblack

    Question USB graphic card driver linux

    Hello I've bought a USB to HDMI adapter (external graphic card). I don't know, where to find drivers. My device PID is 6021 and VID is 534d. It's name is MACROSILICON USB extscreen. My Linux distro is Ubuntu (newest version 20.04). Please help. Thanks in advance.
  3. MajinCry

    [Part 3] Measuring CPU Draw Call Performance in Fallout 4

    Previous Thread The most significant hit to framerates in large games, open world games especially, is caused by excessive draw call counts. And this isn't a new thing; as far back as 2006 with Oblivion, performance would utterly die during raining weather, as NPCs would take out their...
  4. M

    Peak driver for the GeForce GTX 670

    What is the best driver for the GTX 670? I was wondering this since I've heard reports that NVIDIA hasn't really paid much attention to the Kepler graphics cards and as such they haven't gotten very good drivers recently. If this is the case, then that would mean that there is a specific peak...
  5. Krteq

    Radeon SW Adrenalin Edition 18.2.3 ( - 22.2.2018

    Download and complete release notes: Radeon Software Adrenalin Edition 18.2.3 Release Notes
  6. J

    Graphics driver crashes after a few minutes in game

    Hello. Bit of a frustrating few weeks. I built a new Ryzen system over the holiday break but carried over my known good graphics card. However, the amd driver seems to be crashing after a few minutes of processing anything 3D (the menus of games and mining is fine) according to the event viewer...
  7. R

    Super AMOLED driver?

    Hello all! So im making a phone/computer and need a display fit for the device. I want to keep the display size to around 6", but will go a little bit larger or smaller if i can find a TOUCH capable lcd screen with an HDMI or DP++ interface of 2k resolution or better. Here's the question: How...
  8. M

    I cant install the drivers after 10.1 .

    Computer Type: Desktop, custom build GPU:Sapphire AMD R290 CPU: intel 4770k , mem @2333 Motherboard: Asus Hero VI RAM:corsair 8x2 , 2300 PSU: seasonic 750 Operating System & Version:Windows 10 , fall update GPU Drivers:amd 11.2 I Cant install any Amd driver after trying to install 10.2. Amd...
  9. O

    Updated AMD driver, now getting contrast effects

    Yesterday I updated the driver for my HD 6850 and ever since then I'm getting this new and unwelcome effect as follows: When bright (white) content is next to dark content, the dark content gets darker. I took some screenshots and compared the color values of a dark area on the screen where I...
  10. U

    Intel Graphics drivers not installing "Not Supported"

    I used Intel Driver update utility to try to update my drivers, but I get an error saying my system doesn't meet the minimum requirements and is unsupported but clearly is supported. I tried installing the zip and .exe version on the Intel driver website and I got the same error.
  11. MajinCry

    [Part 2] Measuring CPU Draw Call Performance

    (Part 1) In the previous draw call benchmark, the settings I supplied were suboptimal; having the application split between the two different objects caused the application to eat up most of the CPU time. If only one object type is used, however, the driver has much more room to throw it's...
  12. S

    Installing MOBO Drivers for New Build

    Hello everyone, I've got a new build in the works here, the parts are on the way if not here already, and I am preparing a bootable windows iso usb that also has my drivers on it (i think that works but let me know if there are issues with doing that). I've placed the latest GPU drivers on it...
  13. A

    empirical evidence AMD drivers are really bad

    Exhibit A Exhibit B Exhibit C Exhibit D I REST MY CASE (read my video descriptions before you flame me or ask...