Super AMOLED driver?

Rick B. James

Junior Member
Dec 20, 2017
Hello all!
So im making a phone/computer and need a display fit for the device. I want to keep the display size to around 6", but will go a little bit larger or smaller if i can find a TOUCH capable lcd screen with an HDMI or DP++ interface of 2k resolution or better.
Here's the question: How difficult is it to piece together a super amoled panel/touch sensor with its driver ic to interface with HDMI or DP++?
I would LOVE to commission an electrical engineer to put one together, but I cannot find a forum or message board to do that.
Any advice or road sign that would point me in the right direction is welcome.
thank you,
Mar 11, 2004
Not very good I think. Most mobile devices don't use a generic output driver like that for their integrated displays I don't believe. I really wish they did, if for no other reason than making it so that laptops and things could do video out but also accept video input to the display. But you can probably get the other things you need, just not sure how easy it would be.

Ben Heck probably has some info about this kind of stuff. I thought he had a forum or was big on some tech/hack/geek forum. I know others have done similar (I think one person took an iPad and slotted it onto the side of a compact PC case to serve as the display, although I'm not sure if they just used the display or if they did a software hack, kinda like remote PC setup, which there's a bunch that let you control a PC that way so that might be easier?).