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  1. Jaskalas

    U.N. rights council endorses Concentration Camps & Genocide

    Per thread title, the U.N. "rights council" will not oppose concentration camps and the inherent deprivation of human rights that go along with them. In particular, these camps were established for minorities. It is said that this widespread mistreatment of a minority group will result in the...
  2. Baasha

    Discussion China's Military Prowess

    Not sure how many people watched the Chinese military parade but they showed off some insanely powerful weaponry. Here's the video: The one that caught my eye is the DF-41 ICBM - a hypersonic (Mach 10) ICBM with 10 nuclear warheads that can strike 10 independent targets simultaneously (MIRV)...
  3. DanTMWTMP

    Z390 Motherboard not made in china?

    Sorry, this is an absolute, non-negotiable, no-exceptions policy now implemented at work (only applies to motherboards). I often do some work from home, so this computer must also abide by this rule. I bought all the parts necessary for my new build, but I can't friggin find a board that is...
  4. Y

    China may not be very interested in buying U.S. Treasuries

    Was reading this Bloomberg article and was wondering what place(s) are left in the world that would buy the U.S. debt, if not China?
  5. norseamd

    China warns North Korea: You’re on your own if you go after the United States

    Well hopefully this takes away any chance that North Korea would actually start a war. From the Chinese state newspaper...
  6. sdifox

    PRC sets new record on quantum teleportation

    Where is the West on this? Serious implications on secure communications.
  7. superstition

    This is what fewer regulations looks like

    yummy lead chromate going right into the drinking water, for a double whammy of lead poisoning and hexavalent chromium poisoning: China's polluted water breeding superbugs, extremely antibiotic resistant bacteria Meanwhile, in Indonesia: The Cuyahoga river in Ohio, having...
  8. J

    VPN for China

    As the title implies, I am looking for a VPN that allows smooth and uninterrupted access to all Google services on an android phone, windows laptop and an android tablet. Something that allows streaming video services to work as well would be appreciated. My work depends a lot on internet...