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Forum discussion tagged with cache.
  1. C

    Question Best solution for large data writes; StoreMI or PrimoCache or else?

    Hi All! I've been lurking around the Caching discussions for months now and have finally moved country and put together a new system and need your advice guys! So... here's my use case and what I have in my system and what I want to achieve. --- Overview Of system AMD 3900x Gigabyte Aorus...
  2. Collider

    How To Disable HT-Assist on Opteron 6200 Series

    I'm wondering if its possible to disable HT-Assist feature on Opteron 6200 series CPU. I've searched around BIOS and around the web but can't find anything. Reason why I would like to disable it is that Opteron 6200 series CPUs should have 16 MB L3 Cache, however 4MB is reserved for HT-Assist...
  3. hal2kilo

    New Dell Laptop with SSD and HD, SSD not set up for bootFF

    First, I posted this in SFF, Notebooks ect. It's like a tomb over there. I just got a Dell 17 inch Inspiron 5070 that has an 8550U processor, 16GB of main memory, AMD 530 with 4GB, a 2 TB hard drive and a 256GB SSD. It came configured with the hard drive as the boot/system disk and the 256GB...
  4. A

    ssd caching..

    Hi, I am building a new computer and I am getting two 960 evo ssd's for the setup. The plan was to set one drive as system/boot drive and use the other for programs and games and such.. and in addition I am also going to have one or two larger hdd's (from my old computer) and I was thinking...
  5. B

    Is write-through better for gaming than write-back?

    I found this somewhere: (I couldn't make heads or tails of the above, but it sounds experty) In windows, if you go device manager, then disks, then pick the drive you're using, then go to the policies tab your disks always seem to be using "Better Performance", which means it's using...
  6. mindless1

    SSDs and Capacitors

    There have been some SSDs using a capacitor buffer to help clear the write cache during sudden power loss. It would seem to be a bad implementation, far less than optimal use of components to just add some capacitors, no matter how great their value, directly across the 5V rail. For the...