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  1. FlameTail

    Question Can somoene explain the different ROG laptop lineups ?

    I was having a look at Asus ROG laptops. The problem is there are so many lineups such as strix, scar, zephyrus etc.. and then the zephyrus is divided into G, M and S lineups. As a stranger to Asus laptops, this is really confusing for me. Can someone clarify the differences between each...
  2. FlameTail

    Can someone help me find a good laptop under $1000 with the following features ?

    So I am looking to buy a good laptop under $1000 with the following ■Features I NEED: I cant live without these. My laptop definitely needs to have them! ☆Atleast 1080p screen. ☆NVMe SSD ☆Screen Size 13-16 inch ☆AMD CPU with minimum 6 cores ☆Good Build Quality ☆Good Durability and Reliability...
  3. U

    Question Lenovo Customer Support?

    I have been researching new Laptops for a while (my eyes are bleeding) and all set on the Thinkpad X1 Extreme... was able to customize some options I wanted and ready to part with my money. There was a glitch in their "shopping cart" interface and I couldn't get it to go to the payment page. I...
  4. R

    [Beginner] Replacement fuel pump for Scion xD

    Complete car repair newbie here. 2008 Scion xD won't start. Car friend helped me diagnose it as a bad fuel pump. I'm looking for one online, and I'm kind of overwhelmed because I've never searched car parts online before. I want to DIY so I can learn how to fix my own car. There's an Advance...