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  1. Beraid

    Question Android Go on an Old Phone?

    I have an LG Leon LTE from 2014 with only 1GB of RAM. If I do too much web browsing it's not unusual to run into a low memory error such as "unable to complete the previous operation due to low memory". Is it possible to install Android Go on this device and would it even be worth it? Not having...
  2. K

    What is a good Euro 600 Budget PC Build?

    Please help make a build list for me. First time building a PC looking for recommendations. Programming/Gaming/Editing What will you be doing with this PC? Be as specific as possible, and include specific games or programs you will be using. Gaming (League, Fortnite, GTA V, Rainbow Six...
  3. O

    Gurus come forth! and help me fix this PSU transformer!

    Ok Hi there everyone! I am a brand spankin new member here first time posting! wrote it like a story so read it for entertainment first, secondly to help me out of my predicament! ill cut to the chase! I broke one of the outer winding wires on a transformer in my PSU, and want advice on how to...
  4. MajinCry

    Comfortable Keyboard & Mouse

    For the past...Ooh, 9 years? I've been using my father's old Nisis K7 keyboard. It's got a great wee rest, and it has two feet at the back to give it an upward slant. But it's ancient, can only have 4 keys pressed at once, the volume buttons keep getting wedged inside the casing, and the plastic...
  5. MajinCry

    On a budget, looking for flat ~32" 1080p Freesync

    An old friend of my father offered him his old, gubbed TV. A sweet 40" Toshiba @ 1080p, but the LCD panel is warped and 1080p is a tad too pixelated on such a large screen. But god damn, having a big picture is sweet. Trouble is, I've only found one bloody monitor (from Currys) that: - Has a...
  6. MajinCry

    Best <£120 M2 SSD For Read Perf?

    With games getting huge (Fallout 4 is over 30-bloody-GB in size), I figured I'd best buy an SSD to go along with my RAMDisk. Use the RAMDisk for the important files, and the SSD for the rest I can't fit in. Was eyeing the 960 EVO, but those random read speeds seem completely wank: The SM961...
  7. P

    US Navy Aviation Fleet Broken

    http://www.popularmechanics.com/military/aviation/news/a25094/over-half-of-navy-fighters-cant-fly/ According to DefenseNews, 62 percent of U.S. Navy fighters are down for maintenance. Meanwhile 27 percent need major depot work, while 35 percent are waiting for spare parts. Of the Navy's 1,700...
  8. Brainonska511

    Pentagon moves to bury report on $125 billion in wasteful adminstrative costs

    Link to Washington Post Looks like there is some money within the Defense Department's budget that's just being wasted, but it seems like they don't want that to come to light.
  9. K

    Gaming on a budget => new cheap or secondhand

    Hi guys, I've been asked to make or buy a build for my son. He's on a tight budget, somewhere around €500,- (max), and he would use the computer for his homework but also for gaming. Only game that needs to run on a higher framerate is CSGO. Al the other games he plays, he doesn't mind to drop...
  10. E

    Building New Budget Gaming Desktop

    1. The PC will be used for gaming and will have a Plex server running in the background almost all the time 2. Budget is Around $725 3. Buying all parts from the USA 4. 5. No brand preference really other than an intel cpu 6. I have already bought the GTX 1060 7. No overclocking 8. 1080p 9...