Gaming on a budget => new cheap or secondhand


Apr 25, 2011
Hi guys,

I've been asked to make or buy a build for my son.
He's on a tight budget, somewhere around €500,- (max), and he would use the computer for his homework but also for gaming.
Only game that needs to run on a higher framerate is CSGO. Al the other games he plays, he doesn't mind to drop the graphics-selector a bit lower.

When I select some new stuff, I think that dad need's to pay some extra.

This comes at 530 euro's.
I could also ditch the GTX950 and go for a secondhand 970. Almost same pricing.

Or would I rather go with a more expensive older second hand system?
I think about a system sporting a I5 4670k, z87 Mobo, GTX 760 ...
These systems go for around 400 euro's. He wants to invest (over time) in a decent mouse and keyboard but also a 144hz capable monitor.

What do you guys recon?



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Jul 24, 2016
That system looks fine, but with the GTX 1050 and 1050 Ti coming out next week, it will be pointless to buy a GTX 950.