ZipCD 12x10x32 @ BB B&M $129 before rebate

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May 11, 2000
Is the $30 extended warranty worth it? I declined when asked at the register because I had to travel 110 miles to the nearest CompUSA to get mine, and didn't figure I would ever want to make that trip again. In the past I have been burned (no pun intended) with additional in-store warranties...


Junior Member
Dec 18, 2000

I have never in the entire 2 years that I worked @ Best Buy (and I quit just last month) mailed or have seen mailed those silly postcards. We normally just set the product aside with our copy of the customer's raincheck and called the customers up and told them the product was in. That way, the product is gotten rid of sooner. I would reccommend that you keep calling the store and asking if they have that item in stock. And make sure someone phsyically checks.. because if you get customer service and they just check in the computer, I can guarantee you'll be pissed when you get there and there aren't any available... the computer readout only shows what's in stock as of the early morning. If there are some in stock.. ask for a manager and have them hold it for your raincheck.


I can't really vouch for CompUSA's "extended warranty", but I can tell you this: most "extended warranties" only cover defects in craftsmanship i.e., if the unit fails due to improper assembly, then it is covered. @ Best Buy, the Performance Service Plan covers normal wear and tear, power surges, dest, heat, humidity... a lot more than your average "extended warranty." With a CDRW, you can pretty much guarantee if it's going to fail, then it'll most likely be from normal wear and tear, or a power fluxuation. You best bet is to get a borchure and read what it covers. I highly reccommend the PSP to anyone who buys product from Best Buy. 3-5 years is a looooong time :)