Z-5500's + Optical SPDIF = missed sounds?


Belgian Waffler
Jan 2, 2001
The other night I decided to hook my Z-5500's to the SPDIF out on my computer. Now I'm used to the optical SPDIF on my TV - when the TV's on, the speakers always have data. But on my computer, the pod on the 5500's shows "No Digital Data" most of the time, only kicking in when the computer is actually outputting audio. The thing is, on brief sound effects, like a Windows "ding" or "click", the sound (data?) usually gets missed. Same thing goes if I hit a web site with some sort of immediate audio data, it takes a second for the speakers to kick in, then everything is fine - but I'd have missed a second or so of audio by that point.

Is this common? And is there a way to fix it?

I'd prefer to use the digital out since I noticed a lot of background noise on the direct inputs lately.