Your Favorite Grateful Dead show from


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Dec 31, 2000
which show is your favorite? @ work and i need a new one to listen to thats good..


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Jun 2, 2005
dude, don't have access to archive here at work. but 5-8-77 is excellent- i'm pretty sure it's still there. try also.

what shows do you already have?


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May 28, 2000
The Internet Archive has worked with tapers, tape
traders, funders, admins, and over 1000 bands
to build a great non-commercial music library that is freely accessible.
Technically and policy-wise, it has been invigorating as you can probably appreciate.
We have made changes in the past and we will make changes again.

Following the policies of the Grateful Dead and the Dead communities
we have provided non-commercial access to thousands of great concerts.
Based on discussions with many involved, the Internet Archive has been asked
to change how the Grateful Dead concert recordings are being distributed
on the Archive site for the time being. The full collection will remain safe
in the Archive for preservation purposes.

Here is the plan:

Audience recordings are available in streaming format (m3u).

Soundboard recordings are not available.

Additionally, the Grateful Dead recordings will be separated from the
Live Music Archive into its own collection. The metadata and reviews for
all shows and recordings will remain available.

We appreciate that this change will be a surprise and upset many of you, but please
channel reactions in ways that you genuinely think will be productive.
If we keep the bigger picture in mind that there are many experiments
going on right now, and experiments working well, we can build on the momentum
that tape trading started decades ago.

Working together we can keep non-commercial sharing part of our world.

Thank you for helping find balances that work for all involved.

Digital Librarian and Founder

-Matt Vernon
Volunteer GD Archivist