Yikes, completely disappointed with a T43...what went wrong?

Feb 24, 2001
We've always been buying Dell's at work. I've always been satisfied with them, but just that, satisfied. Not real impressed, but not complete pieces of pooh either. All have been Inspiron 5000 types or 8000 types. We had some 2600s and they suck big time as far as build quality.

Well I got all hopped up on getting some T43s instead of Dells. Only place locally that has them is Office Depot :)(). They had a T43 and a Z60 on display, the former with a 15" screen at 1024x768. I fiddled with the options and moving the screen back and forth and adjusted every possible setting and it just looked like crap.

Wasn't bright at all. Low res I can understand, but the screen was just so...disappointing. It was plugged in and not on battery power or some saver mode. The build quality was ok and it was speedy. Not noisy as others have complained about.

Maybe I just got all worked up and expected too much. I thought maybe it was just because it was OD, but the Z60 right next to it had the same screen disappointment. The other laptops there looked fantastic.

These would be for CPAs using them up to 12 hours a day. There a T43 option that upgrades the display to something really nice? I don't think just upping the resolution would make things a ton better. Does the Z or R series have such an upgrade?

And is there a term for those flat glossy screens? I guess it depends on who makes them.

What is another good choice out there if these screens on the Thinkpads are their weak spot?

Great screen (15" at 4:3, 14" at 16:9 is fine)
Fast (We run P4 2.4s now, 1GB of ram)
Wireless integrated is a plus
Has to do dual monitors (1 external)
3 year onsite service. Gotta have them fixed ASAP.

Size and weight doesn't matter. They are used on desks either in office or at a client's. Battery life doesn't matter either.

Out of say 20 Inspirons, we've only had trouble with 2, both were video related.

I'd really like to get something other than Dell's, but what I get in needs to really put the Dell's to shame.

Price wise looking at $1500 and below as this will be a trial for a new brand.


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Sep 21, 2001
The Thinkpads don't have glossy screens doesn't make them horrible. What's good about IBM are their keyboards, build quality and durability.

You can pour a cup of water all over laptop and it will still work. Look under the left ALT key sometime and IBM has built in holes for drainage.
Think light (FN+PG UP) gives you a light in the dark. The case is made out of Magnesium carbon alloy and Titanium alloyed hinges. You can drop the T series from 6 feet up and have a 230lb person jumping on it, and it will still work.

Not to mention support and warranty. THE best, hands down. I've called 3 times in the past 2 days and I got great support and got my replacement parts overnight free.


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Mar 3, 2005
Most Thinkpads aren't known for their screens. I personally quite like the screen on my (14") T43, but I'm just crazy like that.

However, you are in luck! The 15" SXGA screens are called 'Flexview' screens, and use IPS LCD panels (better than the normal stuff, apparently). These are supposed to be brighter, have better colour reproduction, and have a better viewing angle. They're quite well liked.


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May 11, 2003
I do wish the screen on my T41p (14" SXGA) could be adjusted a bit brighter. I also wish the screen was glossy. I know some people hate them, but I think they are great. IMO the display is pretty good quality though.


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Jan 26, 2004
I've had numerous T series, low res and high... all the screens I've had have been just fine.


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Aug 30, 2004
To make the screen look shiny go here. I have a Sony Vaio computer with a matte finish screen and I purchased one of Nu Shield's screencovers and it looks real cool. Nice and shiny, and it brightens the display up.

They don't list screen covers for all makes of laptops, but all that matters is your screens aspect ratio and they will have something to fit.



Apr 17, 2004
As someone else mentioned, you want a 15" T-series with the SXGA+ or UXGA "Flexview" screen. Noticeably brighter, perfect viewing angles, very sharp. I believe there is a bit more ghosting on those due to lower response times, but its never bothered me.

I used an R52 14" XGA and the brightness was always very satisfactory to me, as was the brightness on a T43 14" SXGA+. Not as good as my T42 15" Flexview, but satisfactory.

Do check out a Flexview in person, but in terms of other good machines with glossy (called transreflective; non-glossy is called transmissive) screens I'd recommend checking out HP.

I don't believe any HP business models have the transreflective screens and I don't know if a consumer model will suit your needs, but the brightness and color reproduction on the HP glossy screens is excellent. The viewing angles of HP screens have never impressed me at all. My gf's older dv1000 14" WXGA starts inversing colors when viewed slightly off center, but if that is a problem depends on the user. Some prefer smaller viewing angles for privacy.

I've heard pretty good things about the 15" SXGA+ screens on the HP business models, again non-glossy/transmissive screens.

Fujitsu makes business notebooks, but I don't know if their business models use glossy screens or not. The Fujitsu consumer model screens are GORGEOUS; arguably one of the best in the industry. As bright as you will ever need, top notch color reproduction, good viewing angles, the works. Also Fujitsu's quality is excellent and I hear the customer support is good too.

I still recommend you look into a 15" Flexview model, I think you'll be very happy :)