Yet another "what to choose at 1080" thread

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Feb 28, 2008
390 is closer it its maxed overclocked performance out of the box, while the 290x is farther from its max overclock. So Max overclock vs Max overclock the 290x is going to pull ahead of the 390 by a little in most cases. The 390 is going to use less power. And the 970 is going to use less power still.

Either way I agree its time to change your power supply. 8 years on one is a good lifespan, but if your power supply goes it will take at least your motherboard and perhaps more down with it. I've had too many builds of friends and people I fix for get taken out by bad power supplies. It's not worth the risk


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Apr 18, 2014
If he goes 970, it should be fine. After-market 970s use about 180W of power. 32A on his PSU supports 384W. There is no need to upgrade the PSU for an i5-6600K and a GTX970. It's not the best 500W PSU in the world but Enermax generally makes good PSUs.


I've been using my Corsair 520W (40A) for years using max overclocked i7 860 @ 3.9Ghz + GTX470 max OC / 7970 max OC on it too. i5-6600K and 970 will come nowhere close to the power usage of an i7 860 @ 3.9Ghz paired with a GTX470 @ 760mhz or HD7970 @ 1.175Ghz.

If it were single rail. He really only has 22A for the GPU and whatever else is on the same rail. Probably fine still if CPU and GPU are on different rails.
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Jan 3, 2010
OMG Just remember a 750 is not a enthusiast board. Grab a 460 or a 560 so there is no bottleneck. Some but not a lot. gl Lights take 1watt. THe bulbs are gonna heat up the situation in your car. gl