YAWT: What should I do


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Nov 1, 2004
I work graveyard hours at my job (300 people). I haven't been happy with my job for a while, mainly because my manager dumps his responsibilities on me, calls in sick and leaves early for Dr's appts. weekly, and plays on the internet. On the other hand, I like and am respected by most of the people I work with. Last week I was offered a job as assistant buyer at a MUCH smaller company (~10 people). I turned in my notice citing too many hrs and my immediate boss' lack of effort and his willingness to dump his responsibilities onto me. My car and credit cards are paid off. I have $25k saved up - lived at home for a year. My credit is kinda crappy (college+roommates+apartment). 24 years old, no kid, no GF. Looking to move much closer to work - 1 hr commute each way currently.

Current situation
Semi in charge of warehouse - foreman/head floorman type capacity
Vision/dental/medical/1 week vacation/sick days (never used)
40 hrs straight time
25 hrs OT (average)
<5 hrs Double time (occassionally)
6 day work week

Offered Job
$18 x 40 weekly salary
Junior buyer for a much smaller company
Vision/medical/dental/2 weeks vacation
40 hr workweek + every other saturday for 4-5 hours
Opportunity for advancement:
"bring in more business or make my (new boss') life easier"
Opportunity to learn and buy biz from him in 5-10 yrs

My current company's counter offer
$1000 weekly salary
"Work: we expect only 40 hrs a week from you, so you can have a life"
---altho I would prob work 50 hrs since I've earned my co-workers'
---respect by working as hard or harder than them
work every other Saturday
Less nebulous title, I'll be the one in charge when boss isnt there
Making my boss punch in and out; and learn how to do things

So am I a complete idiot for even considering the junior buyer job? I think it may have more opportunity in the industry for me to actually learn skills that are actually marketable and make a name for myself as opposed to driving a forklift and working with a manager that I called out (in private) for his absentism and lack of effort.


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Apr 30, 2001
go for the new job, a change of pace is good
the old job will probably let things slide back to the old ways


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Jan 30, 2000
New job for sure ... they'll never be able to look at you without thinking you might still be looking. Plus your relationship with the called-out boss has to be pretty strained ... good luck :)


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Jul 23, 2001
Well if it were me I'd take the counter offer because juding by your post that would be $14560.00 more a year.


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Oct 11, 2000
More money not != longer term gains

Go for the new job that has he opportunity for better learning.