YAGT: Should I feel dis-respected ?

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Dec 27, 2001
Originally posted by: polm
Just to add:

After I was rudely awakened, I got up to piss and get some water. When I came back to my bedroom I saw my ex sitting alone on the couch. (I guess her new man left).

I said "Hey were did everybody go ?... didn't I hear some people ?"

She said "That was Ray"

I said "Oh...i was wondering who I saw you with on my porch"

She said "How do you like having it thrown in your face ? "

I just went to bed after she said that.

Next time she says that, pull out your little soldier and give her a huge mushroom stamp right in the middle of her forehead. Once that battle scar is blazing bright cherry red, tell her to go look in the mirror and ask her, "now how do YOU like having THAT thrown in YOUR face?"

She wants to be immature, be immature right back to her.


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May 21, 2003
Originally posted by: polm
Originally posted by: geno
She said "How do you like having it thrown in your face ? "
Woah, sounds like a psycho alert.

Steer very clear, talk to your buddy and tell him to not take her back to your place, ever.

unfortunately she is Best Friends with his GF...who happens to practically live with us. He is totally whipped by her too. I will have to talk to her for any real results.

Great. Sounds like y'all got a real winning combination here. I suggest you move to a desert island or put a hit out on Ms. Wrong. Problem solved. :D