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Apr 7, 2003
I bought the Xbox Wireless Headset. This is my first Xbox compatible wireless headset.

This is kind of a weird name after thinking about it, these aren't just Xbox wireless headset (Arctis 7X is an Xbox wireless headset), they are the Xbox Wireless Headset (new one made by MS). MS is not great at naming things.

Sound: OOB they sound bad. Very bass heavy. There is a 5band equalizer to adjust the sound. I used the settings posted here, I'm a sound guy for concerts. I just spent 2 hours with my new Xbox wireless headset fiddling with the EQ. Don't like how yours sounds? Try these settings (and AMA anything else) : xboxone ( , they sound very good now.

Mic: I have read some complaints about the mic. I recorded a zoom call and switched between this and my Jabra headset I use for work (Evolve 40 I think). While it sounds different I honestly can't say one sounds better than the other. Clear and understandable, possibly they are not good at sound isolation, I didn't check that.

Connectivity: There is a USB-C for charging. No headphone jack. Xbox connectivity works fine. Didn't notice any audio delay. The range seems good, they will start to drop at an expected range (15-20ft or so). I had some weird issue at one point when I had to go to my basement, I started losing connection. After that, I would get occasional drops even when I was close to the Xbox. I powered cycled the headset and that seemed to fix the issue. PC connectivity is fine. I didn't have any issues when using it with my Windows Desktop. One complaint I have is the Accessory App in windows cannot see the headset unless you connect via USB.

Ergonomics: The ear cups are comfortable even while wearing glasses. Can get a little warm. Wish they used some sort of cloth mesh instead of pleather for durability. The pads are easily removed, so might have some 3rd party options at some point. They are fairly light. The volume control and chat mix dials are pretty nice.

My biggest annoyance is that powering on the headset will power-on the Xbox. This sucks, but from reading, this happens with all Xbox wireless headsets.

Overall I like them, but I cannot say how they compare to other Xbox wireless headsets. Pretty good value for the $100 asking price IMO.
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Mar 11, 2021
The 7x is way more expensive here in the UK at around £150!

For the price how do they compare to something like the Corsair HS70 Pro's or Turtle Beach Stealth 600 Gen 2's?


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May 22, 2011
Late to the party, I have the Arctis 7X, and just picked up the XB Wireless headset about a week ago. The 7X is more comfortable, the XB headset is definitely louder though. As far as sound quality, they both are pretty comparable. I prefer the XB headset because of the lack of volume from the 7X. Either way, don't expect miracles, they are still both very much "gaming" headsets.


May 21, 2021
I like Arctis 7X as it is very good for wireless gaming. Thanks to their USB dongle, you can wirelessly connect to PCs, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S|X, and Nintendo Switch consoles with very low latency.