Apr 12, 2001
for the last few months, my mom has been drinking xango juice because of the supposed health benefits. for those of you who don't know, its this juice thats basically a bunch of different fruit juices and, primarily, the juice from the "mangosteen." i haven't really cared all that much about it, aside from the fact that a 4-pack costs ~115 bucks (it works out to about 1-2 bucks per serving), and that xango is a multi-level marketing company.

however, for the next three weeks or so, my mom wants to start an increased dosage (a bottle per day), as a form of aggressive treatment for some health problems (i.e. possibility of cancer), possibly in lieu of chemo. i am opposed to this for several reasons. one, she's looking at spending at least 600 dollars for what is, essentially, glorified fruit juice. two, i've looked at several sites, and have found nothing to support xango's claim that it is effective at fighting cancer (my mom claims that it is recommended by the memorial sloan-kettering center, but i haven't found anything on their site to support that). finally, i'm worried that she may decide to do this instead of something proven, like chemo. her evidence to support this claim is that one of her friends had cancer, used this and didn't use chemo, and is fine now.

i haven't said anything to her until now, because she wants me to buy some for her (and she would pay me back), because she would get a discount for signing me up through the MLM situation. but i'm VERY hesitant about what, if any benifits she would get by drinking this juice (really, the only positives i know for sure about the juice is that it is high in antioxidants, which she could get from regular fruit juice).

the weird thing is, she worked for almost 30 years as a nurse in critical care, and she seems to be buying into this stuff based on anecdotal evidence, and information provided by the company itself (she also has been getting into homeopathy lately). when i try to tell here theres no evidence to support it, she just tells me "it cant hurt by doing it," but i don't want her to just throw her money away, and forego real treatment.

anyone have any comments or ideas on what i should do?

-mom wants to take glorified fruit juice as a possible treatment for cancer.
-won't look at real studies, only wants to listen to her friends who claim it works.
-need to convince her not to throw away money/health.


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Apr 22, 2001
I have a bit of experience with it. I have never taken in any of it, but this is the same fad as all the tahitian noni/<insert one of the other thousands of pyramid scheme companies selling a miracle juice product here>. My company makes software for xango so I've seen them and their presentations a couple of times. Also my friend works as a swedish translator for xango as well, i guess it's really big over there.

I wouldn't blow all this money on it. Does it work? Maybe. If it does work it's probably because it was all in your head and you believed it would work. I just find it to be far to much of a fad and pyramid scheme to be a miracle drink.


Nov 18, 2005
my mom had a bottle and i had a couple servings every now and then.. taste kind of good BUT with only doing a few servings I of course noticed anything, and my mom never bought another bottle so I am assuming she didn't feel anything either, or thought it was just a waste of money.. like I did.
taste good though. :)


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May 5, 2005
The fruit mangosteen is yummy. I used to eat them when I was in Vietnam. I think you can get some in Chinatown (Toronto)?


May 29, 2003
Sounds like something my Mom would do.

She's always telling me about some new and great this or that, shyte she even bought me a copy of that movie "The Secret" and told me yesterday it's in the mail and to "make sure I watch it" because it'll be "life changing" I tried telling her if she wants to spend money of stuff like that for herself thats one thing but to basically waste it on me is pointless but she didn't wanna hear it.

In other words, I know what you're going through, my Mom has gallbladder issues and was told she needed it removed but instead is "trying alternatives" at this point such as vitamins and crap like that.

IMO medical issue need to be addressed by something more than vitamins/juice.



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Dec 18, 2001
I have taken it.

It tastes good.

It does help but I don't think its going to drastically alter the course of cancer...

I would say, if she wants to try that, then she should take a combination of the following:

- 10g vitamin C complex per day
- Shark oil capsules
- Strict vegan diet (not permanently)
- Maitake extract
- Grapefruit seed extract
- Cat's claw (una de gato)

Drink lot's of purified water per day.


Aug 26, 2000
I'm taking 1.5oz a day now, for the last 8 days. I bought it for a teenager w/ADD to see if it helps before going ritalin. She seems to be doing a bit better - I get up easier (less groggy). We'll see in another month or so.

Coincidentally when I was googling it, I found that I know one of the Amazon reviewers who was very positive about it, so I decided to try it. The person is the one with the kids who have OCD and ADD.


Aug 26, 2000
And I've been meaning to post an inquisitive thread like this for the last 8 days too, so I guess its not a perfect solution for procrastination. :p