x1900xt dual display experiment , pls help!!


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Feb 21, 2006
i have a x1900xt gpu on my desktop which i am using it with a dell 19"lcd screen.

i was thinking about using the desktop's x1900xt's dual display capabilities to combine the dell 19"lcd screen with a 15.4" laptop. i just want to know if it would work? and how?

if it does work, i know that the outcome of using 2 different size screens is not recommended, but i am ok with it and i just want to try! detailed specs listed below-

any input is appreciated!

dimension 9150
1gb ram
512mb x1900xt
dual core 2.8ghz

Inspiron xps
15.4"lcd Uxga
1gb ram
ati 128mb mr9700
3.4ghz ht

i currently have 2 dvi to dvi cables, my laptop has dvi capabilities!



Feb 12, 2006
yea ^^ he's right. i've heard of pain-in-the-butt conversions involving something like a DVI -> USB adaptor, but that apparently had serious lag and even more serious quality issues that it was canned after the first try. anyway, practically speaking, no, there is no way. what i did before building my new workstation was simply to find an old CRT monitor and use that in conjunction with my PC... and yes, i also had the x1900xtx so i can confirm it works. just be sure to set each monitor at the appropriate resolution in the catalyst CC