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Discussion [WSJ]AMD Is in Advanced Talks to Buy Xilinx

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Oct 22, 2004
My take on the rumoured AMD+Xilinx deal can be summed up by quoting analyst Hans Mosesmann:

"So, AMD's move is strategic and at the same time necessary to counter data center dynamics that a strong CPU and GPU portfolio is not alone enough to stay in the game longer term."


AMD CEO Lisa Su, in her presentations on the future of high-performance computing, in keynotes last year at HotChips and elsewhere, has pointed out that FPGA is an key part of the high-performance spectrum, ranging from general-purpose processors to ASICs. Her vision is to be the best in the high-performance market, so adding capability to cover the whole spectrum of high-performance devices makes sense.


PS. And here is AMD CTO Mark Papermaster on the FPGA issue, in an interview with The Next Platform last year:

"Going forward in exascale machines, our thought is very straightforward from a strategic standpoint. We have invested in a CPU plus GPU solution. You need to accommodate scalar workloads, and provide the densest floating point you can for vectorized workloads, and there is a third class: very tailored workloads that you can customize for FPGAs and get a significant performance gain. That’s where FPGAs play. Our view of exascale computing is that it is going to be heterogeneous, it is going to be CPU and GPU, it is going to have massive scale, and it has to be able to accommodate tailored accelerators. The latter is done most proficiently with FPGAs because as algorithms change, you can reprogram and continually optimize and get better acceleration."

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Sep 8, 2011
While I'm sure it's essential for the future, it would have been nice to see AMD in the black for a few years. So, possibly an arrangement for an exclusive license for a few years with the intent to purchase after that time.