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Wrong forum

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loup garou

Feb 17, 2000
Originally posted by: bupkus
Originally posted by: werk
Take it to the troll forum, moron.
As I slowly ease myself into my chair, I think to myself, "what is there is American society that makes so many adolescents think they actually know something that they should redicule an other's opinion." The fact is I was speculating an idea, which a very few of you actually answered well. I suppose lacking a knowledgeable response you can always call someone a moron. I have noticed that the most ignorant of society substitute knowledge with belligerence.

I pity you angry young men as that is almost certainly what you are, bitter, angry, poorly educated without respect for open discussion, each other or yourselves. Read through this thread and try to imagine why so many of you reply with such venom. Are you so insecure in your own knowledge, your own stature amongst men?

I blame our political parties for all the mud slinging that uses the topic of morality as a sledge hammer and in this process displays an immoral intolerance and disrespect for not only the opposing side but two prospective leaders of our nation.

I blame the holier-than-thou conservative religious right that would ban the rights or life styles which don't reflect their majority political position, thus promoting more intolerance, sexism and racism. Did you every hear a teen broadcast his anger in online games? I've heard epithets in the form of sexist and racist slurs that even I found shocking.

Actually, I don't give a damn. I've been to high school and I left that behind a long time ago. If you want to call others stupid go right ahead. It will all come back to you in anger, intolerence and perhaps even violence. Keep on hating, insulting and disrespecting each other; I will watch with amusement.

Oh, btw, I'm unsubscribing from this thread. Why? There's nothing interesting being said here, yes, very boring, very, very boring.
Nice diatribe. Regardless, this is the wrong forum. Take it to Politics and News where you and the rest of the trolls can bicker over conspiracy theories.