Wow. I just figured out than I can have 16 cores for just over 1k !!!

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Apr 20, 2008
Can you add a discrete gaming GPU to the combo? A 5970 or a GTX 480 paired with 16 cores would be killer in CPU intensive games.

That's my only practical (if it even is) use of 16 cores. That's would be incredibly exciting to have though. I'd get it in a heartbeat if I had the cash.

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Sep 5, 2003
First, my dad is terminal with cancer right now. Does that answer your question on my motives ?

I am really sorry to hear about your father Mark. I know NV thrashes ATI in F@H.

I have no idea how they do on milkyway@home. What does that DC project do ?

The project's main astrophysical interest is in the Sagittarius stream. This stream penetrates the space occupied by the Milky Way and is believed to be in an unstable orbit around it, probably after a close encounter or collision with the Milky Way, which subjected it to strong galactic tide forces.

Mapping such interstellar streams and their dynamics with high accuracy is expected to provide crucial clues for understanding the structure, formation, evolution, and gravitational potential distribution of the Milky Way and similar galaxies. It could also provide insight on the dark matter issue.

Secondly, its secondary objective is to develop and optimize algorithms for distributed computing.

Sourced from: Wikipedia.


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May 16, 2002
That would be pretty awesome to generate your own power.

Wow, fail.

Where do you live? (generally)

I'm sorry to hear that. My father had prostate cancer but beat it (still needs regular injections of something). Of course senior dementia is kicking his ass right now, so... :(

I live near Portland , OR

As for my dad, its also prostate cancer. He has been controlling it for 18 years, but the meds don't work anymore. This is the end. But he is 87, so....

But this us why I do F@H. I hope by the time I need it, this research will have a cure.