Worth upgrading drivers for AMD HD 6850?

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Oct 9, 1999
I've never seen a security exploit via video card drivers. That would be unique.


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Mar 7, 2002
You haven't mentioned a single "feature" that would be gained by updating the drivers.
Fine. Here's a big one.


Adobe Flash 11 won't work fully without it.

You haven't mentioned a single problem that would be solved by updating the drivers.
I've said over and over, prevention is better than troubleshooting.

All of your examples above are clear problems that require a solution. See the point above this one.
Different schools of thought. Like people who don't exercise, get a heart attack. Why wait for a problem?

There's a reason professional system admins don't go around blindly updating drivers.
Same reason they get ravaged by worms and virus.

This point if moot. The OP is not in a corporate environment.


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Mar 7, 2002
Haha, touche. One point for you.
Fine how many points for these non game related issues from September to present?

Blocky video corruption may be observed while using Windows Media Player to playback HD WMV content.

The Catalyst Control Center may experience random crashes in specific configurations.

A green screen may be triggered when playing back Flash content using Google Chrome and Firefox.

Playing a 720p WMV format file no longer randomly causes laggy system performance

Choppy video playback is no longer observed when playing a DVD with interlaced content using WinDVD 10

AVIVO settings my stop working intermittently.

The GPU no longer shows high GPU usage after running Firefox 4 with hardware acceleration enabled.

PowerDVD no longer crashes if Crossfire is enabled / disabled during playback of a BD title.

Catalyst Control Center Avivo settings are now correctly displayed after connecting a secondary display.

The Catalyst Control Center screen no longer flickers while adjusting screen brightness.

Mpeg2 video clips now use hardware acceleration when played using Windows Media Player or Windows Media Center.

PowerDVD may randomly crash if HDMI 8 channel audio is enabled.

The image may freeze if HD video is played over an extended period of time.

Some BD content my not playback smoothly using WinDVD.

OpenGL acceleration may not always function with Adobe Photoshop CS5.

PowerDVD my display random jitter when playing a 1080i BD video with Aero mode turned off.