Work related dilemma (trying to get a review)


Jun 10, 2000
So here's the situation....

I started out in a company as a tester at internship by the DAY after I graduated from college w/ a CS degree. I told them coming in I wanted to transfer to software. So 6 months down the road I'm still in test and I'm still getting internship pay.

I threaten to quit, put in my 2 weeks. I told them if they wanted to move me to software at the same pay rate I'd be willing to go. (I found another job but with no pay for software engineering, I was willing to take it too.). So 2 days before my final day the VP of engineering pulls me into his office and says they'll transfer me.

Fast forward 3 months, I'm in software, at the same pay rate, doing basically what everybody around here does but I have by far less experience. I've completed every project they've thrown at me with 110% satisfaction. The VP of Engineering has left the company.

I talk to the president of the company (which is basically the vp of engineering now) and told him the previous VP said I would be getting a review within 90 days of my transfer. That was 2 weeks ago and I still haven't heard anything from him. I go in today and just mention that it's been 2 weeks, he says he'll handle it.

What if he doesn't? What should I do? How do I bring it up again without sounding too demanding? I mean I'm almost certain I'm getting 50% of the pay that all my peers are currently getting. I'm getting the pay rate of an intern in the test department which I know ain't right.

Cliffs: Getting QA internship pay rate for doing software engineering type work. Asked for a review 2 weeks ago, said they'll handle it. Still no word. What should I do?