Wireless printing question


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Jun 28, 2004
Hey i have 2 printer a Pixma ip4000 and a Epson r200 is there a way i can make one of the printers a wireless printer without having to buyand set up a wireless router. I dont want to set up a wireless network. i thought i saw something before with a usb adapter that let you plug one part into the pc and the other into the printer.

Lord Evermore

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Oct 10, 1999
This Belkin unit is for USB only, makes your printer accessible via Bluetooth. There are also DLink, Ambicom, Epson and other brands. Some of them are a complete kit, some are just the unit that plugs into the printer and you need a Bluetooth adapter for the PC.

There are also some rarer units that can be used with parallel port printers, but since parallel ports are disappearing few companies make products for them.

You could also have a print server set up, if you were using a wireless network. The print server would be a wireless unit that is connected via cable to the printer, and you communicate over the wireless LAN with it just like if it was a PC with shared printer, or a networked printer. Of course the Bluetooth option is simpler.