Windows vs Manufacturer Wireless client configuration


May 23, 2002
I've never used the Windows XP wireless management tool since I don't have XP on my laptop. But since I see it talked about all the time, is there any benefit (other than not having to install software) to using the Windows wireless client instead of the wireless client that comes with whatever network card you get?


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Apr 3, 2003
Windows XP wireless client is a basic wireless program, its more for noobs,

If you want a good wireless client that you can get lots of info about the wireless connection is boingo, not sure but i think netstubler is also never used it might be wrong ,


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Nov 20, 1999
Hmmm, I was in the wireless LAN/WAN business for about 5 years, installed upwards of 2000 unique wireless devices and I use the XP zero config utility on most of my personal boxes. Guess I am a newb.

XP SP2 wireless utility is a more than adequate tool. If you want signal quality (SNR) and a few other detailed stats then something like Boingo or your mfg utility would probably be a better choice. For the vast majority of people the WZC is plenty. If you run into issues it does help to have a more robust tool to help troubleshoot. Myself, when I run into trouble I tend to use Netstumbler, which really has nothing to do with your connection to your WLAN AP's. It is more for detecting multiple WLAN's/AP's in your area for various reasons. It does a good job of giving information that can assist in narrowing wireless connectivity issues.


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Oct 25, 1999
Few notions to Kevin?s thorough explanations above.

1. WZC looks Cool and make it much easier to use Wireless.

2. On the Road, or in situation that you change frequently the connection sources, WZC is invaluable.

3. If most of the time one specific location (like Laptop at home) is used, it does not matter what you use because after the initial setting you do not need any thing any more.

4. Some times, you can not use WinXP WZC because of compatibility issue. In the past, Few of the Entry Level Brand did not make it their business to make their hardware compatible with WZC.

5. WinXP WZC does not let you play with channels, if you need to change a channel you need to use the manufacturer util.

6. Psychological Factor- Some people get "scared and upset" when they are using WZC since they see the list of the available Wireless and are sure that all of these names are "stealing" their connection. Most of the Brands' utils do not show you big lists, so it is ?Our of Sight Out of Mind?. If you tend to get upset this way do not use WZC.;):shocked: