windows server 2008 routing and remote access - define shared ip


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Jun 15, 2001
hey guys,

i've just installed routing and remote access on my remote win08 box.

Previously, it had 1 ip, lets say

When I'd vpn to the box, all my traffic is routed through, and i'm assigned a local ip as per my specification (for NAT) which is lets say

If I go to it shows my external ip as This is all good so far.

Now, I add 2 more ips - and I want to make all vpn 'shared' visitors use with the internally local assigned ips, so visitors would have, but their external public ip would be

In addition, I want one user to have a dedicated ip, so that their ip as assigned by vpn is

Is this all possible? What's happening for me so far is that the server just randomly picks what ip it wants to use as the 'shared' - so when I log in as a 'shared' user I'm suddenly on, whereas I want it to be

Any ideas?