Windows Media Player won't play multiple videos consecutively from playlist


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Feb 13, 2001
I save all of my video files to my PC and create playlists of them by month using Windows Media Player. To watch a specific month's videos I then simply double click the playlist file and it plays all of that month's videos back to least that's what used to happen.

I then upgraded to Windows 10 - and whatever Windows Media Player comes with it. Now when I start the playlist it will only play the first video and then it stops and displays the typical WMP screen you see at the end of a video. As long as I click the forward button while a video is playing it will then play the next video in the sequence, but not if I let them run on their own.

I also used to be able to select a group of videos and then right click and choose ADD TO WINDOWS MEDIA PLAYER LIST and it would be similar to launching a would play all of the videos in a row. But now that does the same thing...gets to the end of the first video and stops.

I've looked through all the settings and can't find anything to change. What am I missing? I've been playing my videos for many years this way with previous versions of WMP.

As I've studied the issue more I'm finding that videos shot on my iPhone will lay consecutively on their own. It's the .MTS files shot by my dedicated Sony handycam that won't play back to back unless you hit the next button. This applies to playlists or grabbing a group of videos and sending to WMP. Very frustrating.
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Sep 1, 2002
Did you have to get a special codec to play these videos with WMP? Because I don't think it plays them by default. You may need to upgrade the software/program providing that codec.