Windows Media Player codec issue


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Sep 29, 2002
Strange issue on my box... WinXP SP2, WMP 11. Certain MPEGs which should be considerably long only show up in WMP as just over a minute and the scroll of the bar from left to right reflects this incorrect timing (takes ~1min to go from left to right). When the bar hits the "end", the video freezes frame but audio continues. If you try to scroll the bar, the video properly starts at the point where the scroll bar *should* proportionately represent (i.e., drag 3/4 to the right of a should-be 4 minute video and it starts showing frames at 3:00) but the bar's movement is speed unaffected, so after less than a minute when it hits the right, it freezes and just plays audio again.

Any ideas? I'm sorta sure it's a codec issue because ffplay has no problems whatsoever. The box is also due for a reinstall anyway. Just checking if there isn't some obvious fix I'm missing though.