Windows Harddrive Cache Issue - Stand Alone Updates


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Jul 16, 2000
Well a lot of people continually ask about the Windows update for harddrives with 2MB Cache (or higher). Well I came across the standalone files at the Corporate windows update site. Anyways, I put up the files for everyone to have and I'll give the link below. This update is for Win98 and WinME, the Windows Update site does not say anything else about this. You can also get this file from Windows Update and the Corporate Windows Update

My Windows Update site:

Windows Update:

Windows Update - Corporate Site:

If you want to search for the file on the corporate site here's the name of the update:
Windows IDE Hard Drive Cache Package

Well I hope this helps out a lot of you still searching for the update.


Jeff H

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Oct 11, 1999
Tharyn, thanks for posting this patch. Maybe you can clear something up here. I'm running Windows 98, original version. I've yet to read a definitive discussion re which versions of Win98 and ME are affected by this bug and which versions of Windows the patch applies to.

I've d/l'd your posted file, one from Micron, and one from Microsoft. All three, upon execution, indicate that the patch does not apply to this version of Windows 98, and they end. Any thoughts or comments on this.

BTW, I installed an IBM 75GXP 30G drive yesterday, on an Abit BH6, using the on-board ATA33 controller. Did a Ghost over from an IBM 22GXP 13.5G drive, and all went well. Haven't seen any issues on shutdown.