Windows 7 Backup Ate my Other Backups!!


Mar 27, 2014
This so freaky! I have 1 TB USB 3.0 External Drive. I've been playing with different backup software for a few months.
In the drive I had several folders with full backups generated by:
1- Macrium Reflect (one from three moths ago, one from 9 month ago)
2- File-level; backuped up w/ SynkBack SE
3- Full backup using Win7 Backup utility

Windows 7 backup generated 2 folders: An image folder and a "full backup" folder. To tidy up the folder tree, I had the incredible stupid idea of creating a new big folder called "Backups" and dragged all my backups there. Yes, stupid. The file level buckus should have been fine, but the image backups lost their ability to be re-opened (at lest the Windows one did).

So I run a new full backup using Windows 7 backup utility again, and point as destination the subfolder where the older backup was, hoping that it will replace the now unreadable image w/a brand new one.

And apparently it did. What it also did, to my astonishment, is to use the higher level folder as destination for the backup and somehow engulf all my other backup folders (by other softwares) inside of it!!! In other words: the subfolders w/backups that I had generated with other programs don't exist anymore and when I look at my backup sets available through Windows, I have the old bakup set (that I can't restore from) and the new one. The new one is ~ 150 GB, close the original disk size in my laptop. The old backup set shows in my Windows backup utility as ~ 650Gb including ~350GB or "other files"!!
So Windows knows that there are a few folder there with more data. I just don't how how in the word to access them! How do I cut Windows stomach open to rescue my files!??!

Does anyone have any idea if/how I can revert this (extract my folders from the Window's back up "bundle")??? Needless to say, it makes terrified of ever using this wacky utility again!!
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