Question Windows 11 - My Desktop PC no longer shuts down, just goes right back to user login screen


Apr 5, 2005
What seemed like a normal thing to do now i'm unable to do anymore. anytime i try to shutdown the PC using the start -> shutdown selection, my session just signs out and i am taken directly to the login screen. This PC has been working fine since i built it in late 2022. Is there a reason why this is happening suddenly? Tried to search the web to see if there are any recent windows updates that broke this but nothing really came up.

Using windows 11 pro, i7-13600K, Gigabyte Z690 mb


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Aug 25, 2001
Windows 11 will do this. It will attempt to "Shut Down", but if it can't within a certain a mount of time, it will just pop back up at the login screen. Totally unacceptable, Microsoft!
Jul 27, 2020
Win7 was good. Win8 a turd that cost Sinofsky and Ballmer their jobs. Win10 good. Win11 a turd again. Except this time, Microsoft is actively experimenting with throwing crap on the wall and checking what sticks. And no one is going to get fired this time coz Microsoft has diversified and become less and less reliant on its OS for the lion's share of their profits.
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Jul 27, 2020
No, it's not. Also, Win 8 wasn't bad with a 3rd party start menu.
You are clearly a very patient person and don't get annoyed when little things you are used to, suddenly change.

Win8 was horrible for the average user. Anyone coming from Windows 7 was instantly confused about the Start menu and I've never seen anyone in real life using Windows 8 with a 3rd party Start menu. It got so much bad publicity that my company skipped it and went from Windows 7 to Windows 10 directly.


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Oct 23, 2014
don't get annoyed when little things you are used to, suddenly change.
If it's a change for the better, then it's not annoying.

I avoided Win8 (well, 8.1) for a long time due to the negative press. But once I used it, and installed Start8, I really liked it. I preferred it over Win7.