Winamp question: Which is less "intensive"?


Aug 10, 2002
Im going to be setting up a pure gaming PC (although I like to listen to music while I game), so I want to minimise processor use.
Either I can use a remote (networked) HDD and play files off it through Winamp (set up the HDD as a networked drive on the PC), or I can set up a shoutcast stream on my other PC, and have Winamp play the shoutcast stream.

The music must be played on the gaming PC for reasons I will not go in to, but it will be stored on the other PC. Which is going to have less processor/disk/RAM use? Local shoutcast stream or playing the files directly from networked drive? I'm trying to make sure anything unnecessary is not done, so I'm going to run the minimum of software/drivers/background tasks etc.