win98SE Network problem


Junior Member
Oct 6, 2000
I have 2 PC's connected using co-axual cable, 10/100mbit cards and are terminated each end. The installed protocols (as it is used for gaming) are TCP/IP, IPX-SPX and NetBeui. They both have sharing enables, use MS client to log on and are on the workgroup Home. There names are Slim Shady/Client (login) and the larger PC BrandonLee/Server.

Both machines see themselves but not each other. THe problem arose when i updated Client from V3 Direct X to v 7 (to play Diablo 2) can anyone suggest a solution.

Client has since been formated and a dif version of Direct X 7 installed anbd I have tried enabling and disabling each protocol anbd file sharing and also removed the network cards from the sys profile nad let win 98 re detect them.

Thank you in advance.