win2000/ME dual boot?


Jun 5, 2001
getting W2000 pro and ME tomorrow to add to my network. should i make ME a dual boot with my existing 98 machine(pII 350) and put 2000 by itself on my duron 750? or should i put both ME and 2000 on the duron? also, whichever you recommend, how do i set up a dual boot machine with these OS's? never done it before. thanks



Senior member
May 28, 2001
I had winme an win2k setup together for awhile they worked fine its linux an 2k.What ended up happening ws i was use only one os soI just got rid of me and add a more functional os that i would play with..... LINUX.:D
if your gonna do winme an win2k:
I would setup 2k>create a partion (fat 32).then put in me itll be the easiest.Id keep the whole drive fat 32 thou.the only problem is then youll lose some of win 2ks security (which you need the ntfs for).win 2k still runs fine on fat 32 file sytstem so no need to stress.Goodluck.