Win XP Pro Boot Disk Error... need help!


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Mar 1, 2000

Trying to reinstall XP Pro. Using XP Pro boot disk and getting a strange error. Going through BIOS boot process fine, everything recognized, but while setup is "Inspecting Hardware Config", it halts and I get the following error.

File \biosinfo.inf could not be loaded
The error code is 4096

Setup cannot continue... etc...

Any ideas? Thanks much.

Just got a new A7V266E, had to RMA last one, trying to install on RAID 0 array. New PSU as well.

Can't reflash BIOS either for some strange reason.

** EDIT Getting I/O Error when I try to use aflash to update BIOS. But if I use a Win98 Boot disk, it sees the files on the disk, runs aflash, but can't find the BIOS files that are right there on the disk. Using the correct names before you ask. :D

Bad board?