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Question Will a 3060 Ti/3070 with 8GB Vram be enough for 1080p 75fps Ultra with 4k texture pack?


Oct 19, 2019
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Hey guys, I'm currently running an almost potato 1060 6gb, so obviously I want to upgrade (if I find stock and decent prices).

I'm looking for at max a $500 GPU and not a cent more (at current prices that's not a 3070, since it's much more over MSRP unfortunately). But let's assume I find one, if not at least a 3060 Ti. Both have 8gb Vram and a lot of power compared to my 1060, so it will be a nice upgrade, but here comes the dilemma...

I want to game at 1080p Ultra (for at least 4 years before I upgrade again) and if possible in every game that has the option to use the 4k texture pack. Now 1080p with 4k textures is easier on the GPU than 1440p/4k with 4k textures, so I think I'll be ok with the horsepower, but how about Vram?

So basically the question is: Will a 3060 Ti/3070 with 8GB Vram be enough for 1080p 75fps Ultra with 4k texture pack?

Has anyone played with this scenario, or playing now? I know 6GB is not enough for this combo, though, but maybe 8GB* is too little of an upgrade also? *(strictly talking about Vram size in this aspect).

Or should I wait more for the RX 6700/XT cards which will have 12 GB? (That can mean waiting 2-3 months...)
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Hans Gruber

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Dec 23, 2006
Your goal should be 1440p @ 144hz without everything needing to be ultra settings. Some of the graphics settings are worthless. If you do not have a 144hz monitor get one. You probably want a 3070 or a 6800. 4k 144hz monitors are just around the corner.
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Oct 19, 2019
I know that everyone wants this 1440p high refresh rate, but I don't want that. Why?
Simple I like to play on Ultra or Ultra/High (optimized settings) - so 90-95% of Ultra and nothing less.

What's the use of higher resolution and 144Hz if my 2020 and beyond games have lower image quality and look like 3 year old games?

Can you play 4 years from now at 1440p 144Hz optimzed Ultra settings, those demanding games that we will have then? I can tell you now, you wont. You will have to sacrifice either resolution or fps or eye candy or all of them combined and that is a big NO for me.

On the other hand, playing at 1080p Ultra 75Hz for 4 years with a $400-500 GPU I think is very much possible. I won't see any kind of downgrade, nor will I feel the need to upgrade after 2 years. The 4k 1080Ti that was when it launched it's a 1440p at best now and more like a 1080p Ultra. That's proof enough how demanding high rez - high refresh rate is combined with game engine advancements.

I cannot miss what I don't know and I don't want to know anything above 1080p 75Hz. I won't play this game these companies made: higher rez, higher refresh rate = expesive GPUs = shorter GPU life span of those GPUs (performance wise) = more frequent upgrade cycle. No thanks.