Question Why is microsoft [messing with] windows


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Dec 27, 2017
Please bear with me, this is not a troll question.

But why is microsoft trying to angry its last loyal customers?

it's not like they need to compete with apple or mobile anymore.

Why Edge is asking to be a standard browser when you say no. Why they [redacted] up perfectly working things only to "maybe" get few more clicks or downloads here and there? Like single click default browser restore or well 100s of other things like this language options which are impossible to remove but probably make life easier to 1/100000 of users.


How many people with more than one language need indonesia, jamaica and unknown locale as irremovable option?

Wasn't it enough how they screwed up mobile windows, do they even want much worse desktop mac win only because they are [redacted] and people get sick of their bs?

Sometimes i really feel that MS is on a mission to screw up their customers and only profits of being simply too big and too legacy to fail.

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Dec 27, 2017
i would not even install windows 11 because i know it is another half beta version full of this crap when they even update perfectly fine windows 10 with 100s of annoying things.

why you cannot change speed of key repeat from control panel anymore? Why is Configuration / KEY... or SPEED... not showing option to change speed of refresh rate anymore? You can only type it in Start to bring old control panel.

100s of annoying things every day changed with every update. They don't even test visual studio anymore and that was their "developers developers developers" flag tool. Update broke all ftp editing for two weeks, not mentioning they still do not support ftps website editing.

what they do all those developers they have on staff ???


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Jul 6, 2007
Well, OS/software is like virus now, keeps changing indefinitely, with tons of bugs, Human just can't keep up.

If they stop changing, engineers will lose their jobs. :rolleyes:
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