Why AMD should merge with Nvidia

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Belgian Waffler
Jan 2, 2001
Well, since we're talking about Inq articles...

This lends a bit more credibility to my own hypothesis from above. VIA has nothing to lose now that they're getting out of the chipset business, and they're focusing on the CPU.

This sets the stage perfectly. Granted VIA has a full platform of their own, but they are also specializing in lower performance offerings (Nano, low power, EPIA, etc.). They can definitely team up with NVIDIA now and have two lines of attack - the low power and embedded end to fight of Atom with VIA's current platform which is already proven; and a second offering co-developed by VIA and NVIDIA to attack Intel and AMD's high end.

Again, this is all speculation here, as I'm not entirely certain VIA would want to attack Intel on its own turf... however since VIA is exiting the only real market that they had anything to lose on against Intel, and given enough incentive ($$$ from NVIDIA)... you never know.