Who here remembers old school BBSs?

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Aug 31, 2000
THORN, I remember doors a little bit. If you have cable though, I think you can host a bbs easily, I'm pretty sure a friend of mine, who used to have a pretty big BBS, is running it with his wife now, I think they telnet in from work and chat, game on it. I think she used to BBS back in the day too.

But as for L.O.R.D. I had registered that game, and got the code, (still have the floppy) I think it works. but we lost our code> I always wanted to play that game and when we were sysops of our own, me and my bro where gonna create powerfull characters so we could get a chance to try fighting the Red dragon, but never did,
If you get a BBS with L.O.R.D running THORN, LMK! that'd be cool to try.

Remember the eleet ANSI groups, like Acid and Ice? You have to hand it to them, some of the stuff they did in 80x24 text mode using 16 colors is a lot better than some of the stuff you see on the web these days.